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Are You READY To Win 5 Steem Monsters Beta Booster Packs For FREE!? Click the video above to GET IN THE GAME TODAY!

So... How Do You Win The Booster Packs?!

5 Lucky winners are going to win 5 New Steem Monsters BETA BOOSTER PACKS!




Second... RESTEEM this post to spread the word of STEEM MONSTERS!

Third... COMMENT BELOW and tell me why YOU should WIN the 5 FREE Packs! Have fun, be creative, and show your support TODAY!

Also... Make sure to Follow me @joeparys for more FREE STEEM MONSTERS GIVEAWAYS in the near future!

I will be announcing the winners within the next 24 HOURS so make sure to follow the rules above before it's too late!

Check out the Steem Monsters official website and use my new affiliate link to get started!


***You must have the starter set in order for me to send you the 5 booster packs! Anyone who does not have the starter set will forfeit their chance to win! I am not responsible for the cards you receive in your pack! You take 100% responsibility for everything by participating in this contest ***

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😀👹 Great contest @joeparys ! I should win the 5 Steem Monsters Booster packs because im tired out from buying / trading / selling steem monster Alpha cards 24/7 On the steem monster website https://steemmonsters.com/# and on Peak Monsters https://monsters.steempeak.com/ Lol! 👹😂 upped / resteemed / following!

Glad you like it thanks!😉👌

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lol you're so funny Karen

Haha , thanks I'm glad you liked it @isaria , opening up those 5 Booster packs was a lot of fun👍😉👌🤣

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I should win because I don’t believe any packs will be given away :)

They are given away @bearbear613!

I love games, you know.

Very Cool! Cheers! :)

Upvoted, resteemed and followed you. I want to win 5 Steem Monster Boosterpacks. I am steem dirt poor and want t be in the game.

I intend to write theme music for every substantial card I get. Winning this would help me to get more substantial cards (I currently have one).

How about Batman Music? Na na na na na naaaaa, Steemit!

Guess I am late, so no resteam for further promotion. Voted anyway of course. Good luck to all the others

I like your words!

Uhmm first the ugly truth, I really wanted to buy those booster packs. But I can't afford them ATM. I'm starting to make a living from my steemit rewards while at the same time powering up as much as I can to be ready for the pump when SMTs are officially released. The funny part is that I really love this type of card games since I a was a kid, it doesn't matter the theme I just really enjoyed the concept .

Image source

Image source

Image source

Now that I am involved with the outstanding Steemit community I think that SteemMonsters is another jewel to add to this marvelous gaming concept and it will be nice to add more cards to my collection because I just was able to buy the starter set and nothing else.

Image source

What ever the result, thanks for your time. Best regards.

am new hear what do i do

잘 보고 갑니다. 무료 베타팩 받고 싶어요


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Just joined steemit

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Wish I will just start makingba living

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Don’t hold your breath... Perseverance over time will be important

Blue Eyed Dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh!

  • Thanks for the giveaway. I have no real reason as to why I should win the booster packs over anyone else so instead I will leave you with a couple funny original MEME 's that I created.

Honestly, this is funny

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Honestly, this is funny

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Honestly, this is funny

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Honestly, this is funny

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Anyone deserves to win

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So, why won't you win amyways

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Congrats, though.

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Upvoted. I'm voting for your funny Steem Horse haha! Yeah, Facebook is a backwards Golden Goose Milking Cow Horse, abused, and they've been milking their Golden Cow, the Great White Elephant Cow Horse Goose thing in a bobber haha.

Wow! You got a New Beta Legendary card on your first pack plus a Frost too, NICE! If I won, I would just give them out all at once while live streaming Monsters! :-)

And a gf lord of darkness

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Steem Monsters should have a Mines Craft World of War Craft virtual reality where we can all meet each other in this international Steem game that mirrors that Guild show on YouTube where we all are part of the game where we are all our own cards, our own avatars like walking talking Steem Pokemons monsters, haha, and I will be Oatmeal.

With 5 packs I would hope to be as lucky as you, 2 legendaries in 5 packs... that´s unbelievable!!

Now for real, my deck is still missing a lot of cards, especially Legendaries and some Epics. I would love to have a complete collection to prepare the hard fights that are coming, I was a Hearthstone player and I intend to go pretty serious on this game.
Is it just me that already has a specific deck to fight with?

Good luck everybody!!
And thank you very much @joeparys for this lovely contests!!

Haha, you are bad to the bone, hope you win, Lone Star.

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