Start Playing Steem Monsters For FREE! Starter Set Giveaway!

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Would you like to get started playing Steem Monsters FOR FREE?!

That’s right... FREE!

Today I have a very special offer for you!

  • After speaking with the developers of Steem Monsters, they have given me extra Promo Codes for Steem Monsters Starter Sets!
  • And I am giving them ALL away to YOU!
  • So, how does this giveaway work?
  1. First, make sure to follow me @joeparys to be alerted to my weekly Steem Monsters Giveaway Videos!
  2. Second, Upvote and Re-Steem this post to share about Steem Monsters and this Giveaway!
  3. Third, visit the Steem Monsters official website (not required but appreciated!) using my referral link to claim your FREE STARTER SET:

Next, enter the promo code shown at the bottom of the card!

Only 1 person can win so make sure to grab it before its too late!

Good Luck and See You on the Battlefield!


Hi @joeparys I first would like to say i like your content and i find it really helpful. My name is enosh, i am still learning about steemit but i realized i am finding new passions i would of never found if not for steemit such as photography. If anyone interested check out my account here :

Also thank you for helping the little guy like me !!! :)

You're welcome!

Where are we supposed to enter the promo code? There's no place to enter the code on the Steem monster website

You go to the website click on" get in the game" on the bottom right corner of the screen you will see the option to enter the promo cod. I hope that helps.. ;)

Seems I'm late. it says " the code has already been used". Thanks

Haha... i came very much too late!! Surely it was claimed in 1 hour or less.

Nevermind though! i will keep a better eye on your posts so that i can get a code to open an account for my son. After i got interested (and started now) he became very interested as well! Maybe i can claim the next one you give away! Thanks!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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