Made My First Purchase on the Steem Blockchain!

in steemmonsters •  11 months ago

I am excited to have made my first Steem exclusive purchase! @aggroed and @yabapmatt have just announced the Steem Monsters alpha release. You can read more about their project here:

I am a big fan of Magic the Gathering, and Steem Monsters is a trading card game build on the Steem blockchain. Currently, you can buy a starter pack, booster packs, and view your collection of cards.


I purchased the starter pack and the Silvershield Paladin caught my eye.


I got a chuckle out of Rexxie!


The developers are currently working on the trading and fighting aspects of the game, and hopefully we will be able to participate in tournaments by the end of the year. You can visit the official website to start building your deck!

I look forward to seeing the continued development of Steem Monsters!

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It's so nice to see more potatoes here, feels great :D




Nice cards mate see you in the game

Great! I also bought my starter pack and a couple of booster packs! I'm looking forward for future updates. I was able to merge some duplicate cards and I already have some creatures that are level 2.


Sweet! I don't think I am going to be able to get into this game, but hopefully another will entice me to spend some Steem in the future.


Nice, I wasn't sure whether or not you could combine cards yet.

this is great

Hey! I'm a magic the gathering fan too! I'm so hyped about steemmonster, I hope you got a legendary in your pack! How do you see the game? have you been able to play?


No legendary cards, unfortunately. You can't battle, yet. Still in development.

I just might try this I don’t know how much I should devote myself though


It's still in the early stages of development. Not too much to devote to just quite yet :D

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Good luck in tournaments to come!



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Want to promote your posts too? Send 0.05+ SBD or STEEM to @emperorofnaps to receive a share of a full upvote every 2.4 hours...Then go relax and take a nap! many packs did you buy?? I'm curious about the project, sounds like a lot of fun, the problem is that these Cryptokitties-like apps come and go very fast. Those 5$ are peanuts but I'm still wondering if the gsame won't be forgotten after 2 months....will still probably buy a pack or two, I love such stuff :D How many packs did u get yourself?


I only purchased the starter pack for now. I will most likely purchase more cards once the game is fully developed. You're right that these apps come and go, but @yabapmatt (one of the games developers) is invested in the Steem community. He runs a witness server and also created the Steem Bot Tracker website:

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if this gets anywhere near as awesome as its potential then we could have a serious wave of incoming steemians and hopefully a lot of added value for the platform.It seems like its going to evolve too, so hopefully all you devoted magic players will lend them your knowledge of game mechanics to turn this thing in to something really special. Theres enough thinkers and artists on this platform to turn Steem Monsters in to one of the finest beasts to roam the steemisphere, and POSSIBLY the world! mwahaha! Come check out my map I designed for it....Ive thrown some ideas about lore out there too.....pretty tongue in cheek, but Id love some feedback :)


It will be great to see some of the ideas that the community can throw at the devs :)


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Dat Rexxie is so cute with i had one IRL!

I am very excited about this game, used to play MtG in the past. How was the transaction process? How do you buy it? How do u play it? Any user experience to share with us?


Yeah, you can buy cards through their website:

The starter pack was $5 and additional booster packs can be purchased for $2. I used SBD via SteemConnect to purchase the starter pack, and you can use Steem as well. Overall, very smooth process!