Splinterlands season rewards with a surprising result

in #steemmonsters2 years ago

Hi Steemit Friends

Season-ending for Splinterlands is like opening a nice present each time. I was contemplating if I should get some potions to open the cards but decided to ditch the idea and save the money for an Untamed pack as it will be around $2 just on potions for 26 cards. I opened them with no potions but the results were better than I expected. I was happy with the decision not spending that extra Steem or dec with the result in the end.

Opening a legendary was nice from the first few cards. There were many of the usual cards which isn't too useful but I did get some new reward cards which were nice. Ettin Spearman would be useful for my fire team with 8 life. The mana is a bit high but with some rules set at 99 mana, that would be a good card to use. The cube looks interesting but not sure how to use that as yet. Looks like a blob but after checking the abilities, it is quite interesting. Need to explore how I can use this card. The result was better than expected which is already a win for this season.