Furious chicken added to collection

Hi Steemit Friends,

The gold furious chicken has been on my list to buy for some time. Unfortunately the pricing has been very steady at over $3 with this card so I haven't had the chance or took the courage to just buy it. A couple of days ago, the price of this card was over $5, thinking I missed the boat, I still held out. When I checked the prices today during my usual routine, there were cards in the $3 mark. Not thinking or checking further, I bought one.

With a 0 mana, this card is great to put into an empty slot in each round. Most of the cards I use are gold except for this one which I use regularly since the Splinterland team introduced it. I am glad this is now in the bag and I don't fell like I have missed out. I anticipate this card will rise over time so let see how we go in a few months down the track.