Fundraiser for Steem Duels Club + Card Giveaway

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Hello Steemians,

Been a while since I last made a post and so excuse my writing style just in case I mess up.

Back to the topic - I have found out a new and yet fragile project made to create even better Steem monsters gaming experience [] . It is crude and not visually appealing however I see the potential to bring us to the next gaming experience level. This is the first time ever I have heard of earning Steem by dueling on Steem Monsters (A.K.A. Splinterlands). Please make sure to check it out .


So I have decided to to put forward all SBD rewards from this post to @felipejoys to help our fellow steemian at the most vital time . Why not all rewards you may ask ? Well, because I gather up more SP to to give my votes to him. Currently my vote is worth $0.02 but that shall not stop me . Also I will give imp bowman (L1 with 1 more card to level up worth $0.72)to one random person using Steem Comment Picker (


Also check out if you have not yet joined it . I give all due respect to @yabapmatt so make sure to use this opportunity .


I also really like the idea, it's a great way to get some steem for dueling. But I also agree that the matching could use some work. Overall the site seems pretty cool!

I do see the idea being good and all and also understand that it is only the beginning . Start is always one of the most important times for any project . Share the love and we will see even more fun features coming in .

The site is quite new, but has been getting better and better!

Nice of you to do a fundraiser for it. Too bad my upvote isn't even half of 0.01 yet...

It takes time and effort . I have really been investing into STEEM for a few months . Either way I think the project can help us grow a bit faster.

At the time I joined, I wasn't even sure if Steem(it) was for me, because I'm not much into social network websites, and investing in STEEM surely wasn't part of my plans. Yes, growing the account really takes time and effort, especially if it's done only through post/comment payouts. It took me almost a year to reach 100 SP. But somehow I really like it here, and am beginning to consider buying a bit of STEEM, mainly to delegate to projects that give returns (and now there are ones that give tokens too).

I hear you loud and clear! Honestly I have never really been a social media person anyways but the platform has recently been getting a lot more interesting so I am investing bit by bit more into the project.Also I am trading and am planning to take profits soon when I reach a certain margin.

I think the Steemmonsters Club still has a way to go (better matching, visuals) but the Idea is great! Check it out, If you haven't already

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