You think you're good at steemmonsters ... then I challenge you. Over 60 steem in prize. Report.2

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How the challenge works:

  1. Write in the comments you want to challenge me and your discord name.
  2. When I accept the challenge we will agree when you want to do it. (I'm not always online)
  3. Go to the challenge section and enter: my username (@jacksartori), silver level and bet 3 beta booster pack (6$).

If you win I will contact you for discord and I will send you 1 starter pack (10 $).
All participants will get a reward card lev.4.
You can challenge me more times, but you will have to bet every time.

I have only 2 packages available, so once finished I will suspend the contest.


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Not possible to beat you now but in future..😋😜

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