Thanks for this useful info.

greetings, @jacekw

excelent notice, man. thank ytou for share with us

how much time this players spend to achiev all this decs won???

hve a good night

To fully use ECR each day you have to play minimum 28 battles daily. So it's minimum of 430 battles per season. Most of the players have many more battles, even 1000, so it's a lot of playing for sure!

You keep surprising us with amazing game play and valuable data. K-E-E-P I-T U-P!

Wow! Great post as usual from an amazing player! Your Splinterlands data is simply outstanding!
logo_untamed_1200 (707px, 12fps) (1).gif

Is this based solely from decs earned from battling? Or including steemengine transactions because that would include herons earnings

Ok nvm. Saw your title, it’s just from battles.

Yeah, only battles.

nice metric - i'd like to see mine just because ;)

Here you are! :)

.PlayerDEC from battlesChangeBattlesAvg
917rxhector4332.800 +467.22241910.341
.PlayerMax DEC from battle

Hi, @jacekw!

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