Splinterlands - Road to 1000000 DEC won in tournaments

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Hello Jacek, the Kitty Killer!

Thanks for the mention. As of right now, the total DEC that I've won is 2,240,063. That includes all tournament winnings from all accounts I am currently playing and previously played. It does not include any STEEM or other prizes that I have won. But I definitely think you will be the first to earn 1,000,000 DEC with a single account!

Hey mate. Congratulations on an excellent win. Best of luck in the rest of the tournament.

Over two million, that's a lot! I think I'm around 170000 DEC if I sum up prizes won by me from all accounts. Unfortunately, I don't track this so I cannot give exact number.

Starting out losing the first two duels and then turning around must have been very exciting! Congratulations and great battle analysis, we learned a lot.

I also liked the information about the @gfriend96 post and saw that even though it started now, I am already on the list at 82 position.

greetings, @jacekw

Excelent decs won, man!!!! Congratulations!!!

Another great post! Nice info. about winning and congrats on being a top winner in the tournaments!

Hi, @jacekw!

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Those were an awesome set of tournaments. I only managed to play in a small amount but there was a ton of value for everyone in them.

Congrats on kicking ass in them.

Thanks! Usually I don't have too much time during the week to play tournaments because of work and other stuff and I just focus only on the weekend ones but the prizes of SteemFest Special tournaments were so nice, that I tried to play as many as I could. The only drawback was that at the end of the week I was very sleepy haha :)

Amazing data as usual from the master of mosters...

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