Personal Splinterlands cards usage + win ratio + DEC | 26th season

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Cool! I was looking for this one yesterday. You read my mind ;0)
Can you pull the stats for monstermother, please?



Please tell about mine deck that is ikrahch


Are these scripts open source? Do you have any willingness to share?

They are my own scripts but of course, I can share. I only need to clean them a bit (remove the code that is not relevant here).

Thanks! so will this be on github or you will post them?

Hi again. This is the code that I use to generate these stats:

Hey mate @jacekw, cool stuff though.
so, is the script public..?
also, can u please look out for my account...



Hi, @jacekw!

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Jacku, a dla mnie też sprawdzisz statystyki? :D


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wow cool stats @ryan600



looks like a cool script


very cool @jacekw! Love this!!!

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