Every Steemian Should Assist The Steem Monsters Project

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My Brief Thoughts on Steem Monsters (@Steemmonsters)

I was initially skeptical over this project, given the wide abundance of higher quality games available that would compete against it for user attention. Even with the unique blockchain connection, the cryptokitties and their numerous wannabe clones have already demonstrated the flashpan mentality of a crypto-inspired audience. Boom and crash.

But the more I observe the community-driven environment that has brought numerous parties together to design this game, I continue to grow more enticed by what this endeavor has to offer. The community has contributed artwork, storytelling, voice acting, animation, promotional incentives, and gameplay consulting that continues to remind me of how powerful this community can be when we work together.

In such a few short months, Steem Monsters has rapidly come together with a fleshed out product from the minds of just a few driving figures working in their spare time.

The amount of care put into creating a lasting product has been astonishing. This is a product that could promote the blockchain, provide repeat interaction for Steem users, drive more value to STEEM via these card sales (which @aggroed refers to as DMTs "dumb media tokens"), and further expand the widening display of versatility that the STEEM ecosystem can showcase.

What will make Steem Monsters unique is its ability to keep crypto users engaged in a way that it is built on top of their nature for speculative investing. Investors can speculate AND have lasting fun, even when the gains stop. Once again, this game will demonstrate to the world that crypto can make new and functional use cases that surpass what the world currently has to offer. In this case, it will be in true individual digital asset ownership embedded in a game made apart from the corporate requirements to make huge profits. Indeed, with prized tournaments it will turn every player into a professional esport athlete albeit it in our little corner of the world. It will be the start of decentralizing fun and enabling true individual ownership of digitalized assets - even if it starts in the form of fantasy monsters.

In short, Steem Monsters is rapidly growing into a project that EVERY Steemian should contribute to - even if only by creating a starter account to partake in the casual fun.

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Its often difficult to catch everything going on in Steemit, so heres a post to link the @steemmonsters live group chat following the latest game mechanics press release:

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I completely agree @investingpennies!

Steem Monsters is the first project I've seen in my time on here that bring people together. Sure there are other projects out there, but those projects support a niche interest. I admire the team at SM because their support to the Steem community extends beyond gaming.

I'm glad to see you also support yabapmatt as a witness. It befuddles me why he is not a top 20 witness. I've seen more community support from him than some of the top witnesses up there. He's building something that is bringing value to the Steem platform. We at the Steem Monster community should support him as a witness if we support the game!


Thanks. Reminded me to update some of my witness voting. He will get there eventually. Although I would personally appreciate a team like @utopian-io to get there first. Just imo.


I should think about adding utopian too, I see their support to the development community. I have open witness spots too, just picky with who I choose to support. I see some proxying their management away and some big accounts not voting at all. Sigh, oh well.

Awesome! I agree too! Steem Monsters is awesome for STEEM! I love the new account option feature when signing up as well- instant access to the STEEM blockchain for all! :-) make sure you visit Steem Monsters in Discord if you haven't : https://discord.gg/G2RtTSj

Hi @investingpennies. I am glad your skeptism turned to adaption. SteemMonsters will be a great way to entice more non-Steemit user to join and platform and hopefully bring in more investors. I am hoping it will be fun and profitable for all.

We loved @steemmonsters enough we built a 3rd party site with tons of tools, analytics and market type features.