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Huge thanks to everyone who participates in our giveaways! It’s a way to help give back to our community and also allow us to make more content to gain author rewards, that goes directly into sustainability! While we don’t force members to upvote, every penny that is given via upvotes help sustain the bot.


Congrats @dosh!

How do you enter future giveaways?


All you have to do is comment below what you want the next giveaway to be!

How A Winner Is Picked

I assign a number to each person who comments below based on how high they are in the comment feed. For example if you are on top you are 1, then the second person is 2 and so forth. Then I have Siri pick a number between the entries and vola that’s the winner!

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Divine healer

Feral Spirit

Any Steem Monsters card plays?
If yes, then I vote for the Hydra.
Why? Because that is a pretty valuable card nowadays, and the Hydra have the "Heal" ability, so it can be very useful in battles as well.
The current lowest price of this card on the market is $13 USD.

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