Steem Monsters For Poor People: Game 10 - Pick The Monster With Dodge

Steem Monsters For Poor People

Since "I love poor people" I decided to host a regular game to help people that don't have a lot of money to enjoy the Steem Monster experience too! It will be a way to learn about Steem Monsters and also over time earn enough points to get your own Steem Monsters Starter Deck so you can play too!

Here's the simple game, its called Pick The Right Monster:

Rules: Pick the Steem Monster that correctly fits the description given. If you correctly pick the right monster, you will get a point. At the end of October, the person with the most points will get a free starter pack. The 2nd place through 10th place winners will win a few free cards (10 points minimum). Everyone that gets at least 10 points by the end of October will get a Steem Monster card.

Game 10 - Pick The Monster With Dodge

In the game the monsters will have many different ways to attack you. Sometimes its with their actual attack (Melee Attack, Range Attack, or Magic Attack), and other times its done through their "abilities". Note: to find the abilities you can see them on the Stats page of the card.

Today we have a very defensive ability. It is one of the coolest out there in my opinion. Its called "dodge". This ability enables the other monster to "miss you" with his melee attack or his range attack. Dodge doesn't make them miss every time, but instead adds a % to your normal miss rate with those 2 types of attacks (and remember the 3rd - Magic never misses). I like to think of this in terms of the simple game I played in school called dodgeball, the little quick guys were very hard to hit indeed. So as the battles start soon, don't be afraid to add dodge as one of your abilities, I think you might find it a very fun one to have in your arsenal!

Pictured below are 5 cards and their stats page. Please identify by letter which one is most likely to be the monster that has "dodge" as an ability. Put the answer in the comment section!

A. Defender Of Truth

B. Xia Seachan

C. Serpent Of The Flame

D. Twisted Jester

E. Giant Roc

Remember you don't have to invest in packs to play the game, you just have to show interest and there are many ways to build your own deck!

Please note, there are no upvotes or resteems required! This is a supposed to be a fun game that will help to introduce you to Steem Monsters and help you also build your decks a little!


Lock in the Twisted Jester

D. Twisted Jester (after leveling up)

Imma have to go with d

D. Twisted Jester

Right now I'm using her a lot!!

you're good Gillian! And good luck in the games today ;)

I'm not sure I'll get any games in before bed. 😢

I've had any time to put together a team and I've still got a post to write before I can get to that.

I'm busy most of tomorrow too but maybe I'll just be able to take an inspired guess and put up a team. I hope so.

Are you all ready to go?

I'm ready but have to step out for a couple hours so I might miss the start! And just throw up a team, I think you might surprise yourself! Just remember to use all your mana ;)

Ah ha. I didn't realise this was you @davemccoy. Battle well! 😍

shsss... keep it secret ;) ... and yes you should battle well too Gillian! I have confidence in you :D

I have confidence in you

Aw. That's kind. But then I have the best teacher! 😁

keep it secret

my lips are sealed. 😂

B. Xia Seachan
She looks like a tricksy one!

I agree she's a little shifty, we'll see in a week if she is tricksy enough ;)

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