Steemmonsters : Daily Quest Reward | First reward ot the new season

in steemmonsters •  17 days ago

About twenty-four hours later i completed my today quest! And this is the first quest of the season! And today six card because I'm silver now, Although I did not get good card today - but Alhamdullilah for everything which i got.😍

And today i played with the Earth splinter you know that my earth summoners level was one but with the start of the new season i have combined earth's summoners, it's level four now😉 because of which Quest did not suffer so much to complete😌 but I tried to go to Gold two for the claim today reward but this is not possible.

imageThis is the today Quest reward card, today got one epic and three rare two common, those are -

  • One 'Manticore' (epic)
  • One 'Pirate Archer' (rare)
  • One 'Mashroom seer' (rare)
  • One ' Warrior' (rare)
  • One 'Sea Monster' (common)
  • One 'Vampire' (common)

imageRating and more details, today Quest splinter was Earth Splinter

Today, I have won the Quest's five battles very Hardly, if you see the screenshot above, there you will see the battle with Life Splinter because i tried to rating up.

  • For Newcomers, If you are interested in playing steemmonsters and want to play, please visit this link for more details and how to play this game? Click Here @steemmonsters And click here to open account steemmonsters


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