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in steemmonsters •  21 days ago

I played a little with the powerchallonge API library for and created a small bot for letting everyone automatically scoring challenge results into the challonge tournament.

How does it work?

At first, a new tournament should be created at


The entered name in URL is the identifier and will be important later.
It is important that every participant changed their displayed name to the steem account name. The challonge username can be different.

Their is no limitation to the game info or the registration. Example of a single elimination tournament with a registration page and check in:


Important are the advanced options. Everything works only if smtournament is added as admin for entering scoring:
Without this, automatic scoring is not possible.

In summary:

  • create a new tournament
  • remember your url
  • add smtournament as admin

Send now a transfer memo to the steem account @smtournament with follwoing text:

  • identifier is the URL without, in my example sm_test_tournament_010
  • level_limit can be Novice, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond
  • allowed_cards can be all, gold_only, alpha_only
  • match_type can be best_of_one or best_of_three

level_limit and allowed_cards define which challenges will count. They have to be set at the beginning of each challenge. Played challenges with not fitting values will not count.

When match_type is best_of_one, one win is sufficient to win a match. If the match was a draw, it is repeated.
If it is set to best_of_three, a participant has won the match when he wins 2 steemmonster challenges.

Test if it works as intented

I created a new tournament which is played today 14:00 UTC. Checkin is opened 15 minutes before.
I set level_limit to Silver, allowed_cards to all and match_type to best_of_one.

You can find the tournament here:

I send 0.001 STEEM to @smtournament for registering my tournament:

When I start the tournament at, I will receive a transfer from @smtournament when everything has worked so far and the results of all played matches should be entered automatically.


It is possible to register a challonge tournament for automatc scoring.

  • Create a tournament with smtournament as admin
  • Send a transfer memo to @smtournament
  • Start the tournament and check if you receive a confirmation
  • All results should be entered automatically now.
  • When a participant has a displayed name different from the steem account name, the results of all matches in which this participant is involved must be entered manually (_ are fine)
  • When all matches are played, the tournament at challonge has to be closed manually

Please register at and help me checking if everything works :). The tournament starts at 14:00 UTC.

What do you think?

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Nice work @holger80 - was great testing yesterday

I am an automatic upvote bot, only for #steemmonsters, #steemmonster. If i liked your post, you will get an upvote. Only for Steemmonsters. Once a day, i published the posts, that have recieved an upvote.

This sounds really cool, I'm always in favor of some nice automation! I'll enter your test tournament and we'll see if it works.

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This could help a lot with organizing the tournaments. Thanks for your good work!

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Amazing work as always

So how did that tournament go? did it work as expected?


Everything worked as expected, only a not intended decline lead to a loosing match.

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I think you are amazing!!! Wow! I cannot wait to see this! I did it for a Fierce Friday challonge Tournament tomorrow at 8 PM EST but I am not sure if it worked. I am so excited to use this!! Thanks so much!
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Thank you for trying the smtournament helper.
The url-identifier needed to be given in the transfer memo and not the tournament name.

I corrected it, I replaced steem-monsters-fierce-friday-tournament by 2xtncnly

Your tournament is ready to go :)


Oh! I see now! I knew I was doing something wrong. Thank you so much! I cannot wait until later to see this, this is really amazing and will make the tournaments run so much faster! Thank you so much!!

Hi, @holger80!

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