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Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest Winners! Week 10 // 15 Booster Pack Prize!

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I have a question again. This happens from time to time. Why?
Is it a bug you have not become aware of?
Is this a trick which players can use to try and confuse or scam people in a small way?
Screen Shot 05-26-19 at 10.21 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 05-26-19 at 10.22 PM 001.PNG

Screen Shot 05-26-19 at 10.22 PM.PNG

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those are being sold at 2 different prices by different individuals. The price is listed in USD, which means at the time you took the screenshot, 9 cents was equivalent to .220 Steem, and 7 cents 0.182 Steem.

@grapthar This is a non-answer/you don't understand my question.
The cards are listed with the cards with the lowest $/BCX price as the most upper rank.
The first card is listed for 0.064$ but also at the same time as 0.09$ - which is a higher price than the correct 0.07$ for 0.07$. I provided evidence that the 0.064$ indeed sell for 0.09$ and it is not simply a graphics bug with making a screenshot of the both only seconds in difference.

@steemmonsters @aggroed and @yabapmatt
I could provide dozens of examples for this (not only me, everyone who would take a look could find these examples) and it is not just always a small price difference, see for example here:
Screen Shot 05-28-19 at 03.07 PM.PNG
(2x0.30 for 0.85, not 0.60, 5x0.31 for 1.80, not 1.65)
Screen Shot 05-28-19 at 03.08 PM.PNG
(2.70 for 2.03!, 10x1.91 for 20.35 instead for about 19.10, 2x2.16 for 5.75 instead of 4.32!, 2x2.70 for 7.20 instead of 5.40!)

This is a serious issue.
It is at best a nuisance for traders.
At middle a bug that you have not become aware of yet.
At worst a feature some players know of and with which they attempt to scam other players which you are silent about/support.
A fix is needed, an answer necessary!

ahh I see what you mean, wasn't clear in the first two images that the price/BCX part was what you were referencing. I'd recommend coming to the discord, more likely to get an answer/report the bug there.