Winner Announcement Day #71 and The New Steemmonsters Cards Giveaway Day #75

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Hello everyone, steemmonsters fan all aroung the world!!! good news here, i am back with the new post announcement of the last week giveaway. the result, and also tonight i am willing to giving you some cards [reward edition's]. 3x cards for 3 names today.


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  • The Winners will be chosen in the next week using Random name picker

Follow the last giveaway here :



The winners of my steemmonsters cards giveaway Day #71 is @marisenpai . The winner received a card from @zacki collection, thank you ~

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about tournament on steemmonsters

Maybe I've been doing this wrong. Instead of commenting about tournament on steemmonsters which are fun now but will be awesome when they are incorporated into, maybe I just need to leave the comment

about tournament on steemmonsters

About tournament on steemmonsters, why can't they just have them through the official website. It is annoying to signup to other websites and it creates too much dependence and the UX isn't smooth. Yes it's the bear market, but @steemmonsters should have some funds to outsource some of the work and get the tournaments working through the official website.

I am uploading my cards to be able to raise and reach a contest in the tournament, but I believe that my invoker level does not allow it.

About tournament on steemmonsters

Wiiiiiiiiiii !! Thank you very much: D
(Although I think they sent me another)

about tournament on steemmonsters

I hope SM becomes world famous and there is a huge influx of users. The game is only getting better

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