Winner Announcement Day #50 and The New Steemmonsters Cards Giveaway Day #55

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Stonesplitter Orc

Hello everyone, steemmonsters fan!!! i am back with the new post announcement of the last week giveaway. the result, and also tonight i am willing to giving you the Rare [Earth] cards. Only 3x cards for 3 names selected. Be sure to Follow the Rules :)


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  • The Winners will be chosen in the next week using Random name picker

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The winners of my steemmonsters cards giveaway Day #50 : @marisenpai @gregory-f @oclinton and @franb24. ALL The winners received cards from @zacki collection, thank you ~

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I want the hidden warrior!
He's the robot that appears in the SteamMonsters LOGO...

There is no card for it!

if I have to pick an existing card then I take a Selinia Summoner...

this is tough, I haven't played all the cards and upper levels make some unbelievable.....

Flesh Golem I guess he hammers and can heal... makes a good tank or blocker in melee maylay

The neutral elf with its melee attack and high speed factor and only 3 against the Mana is a great filler and way to keep your community help cards from the first or last spot....

got to be the hydra....

My favorite card is the golden dragon since oliverschmid ofert him to me.

Not sure what your question is asking exactly. The card I wish I had is "Spirit of the Forest". My favourite card at the moment is "Crustacean King".

The card that I like on steemmonsters most is the Haunted Spirit. A very powerful monster once he gets leveled up.

Beautiful gift Thank you very much!, my favorite card is: Twisted Jester, because it helped me when I needed it the most.