Winner Announcement Day #28 and New Steemmonsters Cards Giveaway Day #33

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Kobold Miner

Hello everyone, steemmonsters fan!!! i am back with the new post announcement of the last week giveaway. the result, and also tonight i am willing to giving you the common [fire] cards. Only 4x cards for 4 names. Be sure to Follow the Rules :)


  • Upvote and resteem this post
  • Comment on this post with your quote about steemmonsters
  • The Winners will be chosen in the next week using Random name picker

Follow the last giveaway here :


Congratulations to the winners of my steemmonsters cards giveaway Day #27 : @franb24 @gregory-f @petertag and @wallet4sale. All the winners received cards from @zacki collection, thank you ~
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Here's a nice tongue twisting lymric for Steem Monsters: (refinements accepted....Say it out Loud!

Mr Oster Wandered Yonder to ponder Koster Hanser's Monsters.

He seemed he wanted to battle on his Steem summoners...

He beemed when pulling out Steem Monsters in front of this talker FROM Glouster.

After all imposters, and mobsters are no match for a Steem Monsters sponsors he gleemed!

The Steem Legend Starts!

The #1 game to play while your waiting for your Steem to Recharge!

Never stop believing in one self,failure in one battle is lesson learnt for another battle

Steem Monsters is eating up all my STEEM!

Pretty classic one:

You never stop learning


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I am now a future recovering Steem Monsters addict!

Magic is underrated.

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