Steem Monster re-desing in a comicbook style [MALRIC INFERNO]

in #steemmonsters4 years ago

In my search for what I can draw I thought of Steemmonster characters and how it would be so fun to change a little bit their desing to a darker one. I started with Malric Inferno because is exactly what I was looking for to draw, that badass look will be great as a model to my inks and brushes.

Malric inferno - comic book style.


Pencil Sketch - Body movement and placement.


Pencil sketch done - all details and shadow placement.


halfway there, ink aplication on the body for shadows and light parts.


Drawing finished - Malric Inferno comicbook style.


Original Malric Inferno.

unknown (4).png

I hope you like my Malric inferno, I will be drawing some other steem monsters character soon.



Woah, love ink art- this turned out great:) I was also thinking to get back creating steemmonsters fanart:)

Oh wow , this is so good! You should enter this art work in @isaria Aweeome weekly art contest! im sure you would win, todays the last day for this week and i think you still have time to enter, but it runs every week, Great Job! Upped and resteemed👍👍👍👹
Here is the link:

wow! Thank you. I'll go take a look right now. @karenmckersie

Your welcome, all you have to do is put the link and a photo in the comments section and upvote and resteem the contest post ! I won a long time ago but have been to busy to enter . good luck!👍👹

This is cool @gooze 😉 hope that ypu'll win if you submit this in the steemmonsters art contest. Malric looks a bit different but you made him more fiery👍👍

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