6 New Packs & a LEGENDARY reward card

in steemmonsters •  last month

Hey steem monster fans, I woke up this morning and the wind was howling another was no way I was getting out of bed. So I grabbed my tablet and bought 6 packs of steem monsters, there was a mix of ok cards but nothing amazing.

Pack 1 had only 1 decent card the summoner Zintar

Pack 2 was all mediocre cards but good for levelling up

Pack 3 same as before only good car was the summoner Lyanna

Pack 4 the card are pretty much average apart from the Gold but even that is still a bit rubbish

Pack 5 more cards for levelling up

Pack 6 Me dude was probably the best card here

Today's Reward Cards where all rubbish apart from the Legendary Ruler of the seas

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Congrats on the great luck I probably bought a dozen or two packs and have yet to pull a gold or a legendary really starting to sour on buying more pack vs just buying cards in the market

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