Steemmonsters ~ New Trade Feature + Just made a trade [DTube Exclusive Tutorial]

in steemmonsters •  5 months ago

Hey guys,
Steemmonsters has launched the trade feature and you can now trade card with other card owners.
Made a pretty enjoyable trade today with @cryptoeater; I sent him 2 legendaries in exchange for 30 booster packs.

Steemmonsters is a new Card game built on the Steem blockchain by witnesses @aggroed & @yabapmatt. Everyone is getting pretty excited about it and building their collections. You don't want to miss out on this, trust me.

Well, If you haven't started building your collection of cards on Steemmonsters, you ought to....AT ONCE.

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Man y'all having great fun.
Still waiting on those free giveaways 😓


Sure today's video.
Still trying to figure out how to set up a DLive stream

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