Steemmonsters Card Giveaway #001.

in #steemmonsters3 years ago

Hi steemmonsters players and lovers, how are you guys doing. Hope you guys doing good. I am also doing good. I love steemmonsters game. I also play this game. After 1 day, the season will be finished. Hope you guys will get good cards.

My steemmonsters username is @gamerbd. I just started playing this game around 1 month ago. This is my first giveaway post. Hope you guys enjoy this giveaway.

Rusty Android.png

What should you do:

  1. Your reputation need to be 45+.

  2. You have to follow my account for more giveaway.

  3. Write your steemmonsters username in the comment section and mention those 3 people who love steemmonsters game.

  4. Winner will be select by using Random name picker.

  5. Winner will be declared tomorrow.

No more today.


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My friends love the game steemmonsters: @monsterstamer @kr7753191 @cranium @jafa

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Username : @ayasha

I'd like to invite @sugar-cube @mhossain @sheiksayem