SteemMonsters Giveaway #46 - Win a Splinterlands Card - Winner Announcement of Giveaway #38

SteemMonsters Giveaway #46

Today's prize - Rusty Android (Neutral)



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The Rules

It's not necessary mate...
...but an upvote would be great.
I think I don't need to declare...
...that it also would be fair.

A resteem or to follow me...
...also no need, it's voluntary.

The only thing that must be done...
...a simple comment before the card is gone.

And if you are generously...
...feel free to give presents to me ;)
The gifts that I do think about...
...are beer, trdo, etc. - no doubt.

To participate in this contest, just leave ONE comment. More than one comment will disqualify you from the contest. Your reputation level needs to be 25 or higher. Bot comments are ignored.


The winner will be drawn by the Steem Random Winner Picker ( after payout of this post and announced in the following giveaway.

As soon as I have enough beer or other community tokens on stock, I will also give consolation prizes to you.


The Winner of Giveaway #38 (Undead Minotaur)

From all human comments, the comment picker has chosen @blog-beginner as the winner!


I will send you the card as soon as possible.


Previous participants

@aschatria, @ash, @barbafish, @barmbo, @basilmarples, @bitandi, @bittrio, @blog-beginner, @business10x, @bxlphabet, @chadmichaellibby, @chappertron, @che-shyr, @chekohler, @chireerocks, @chorock, @coffeedrinker112, @costanza, @cryptorg, @cryptoznewb, @engelchen, @ervin-lemark.spt, @fullcoverbetting, @gamemods, @gillianpearce, @guurry123, @handtalk5, @hilladigahackles, @itzunknown, @javiermurillo, @jjzigen0120, @jmehta, @kirstin, @knochenhd, @lammbock, @lebastion, @lordkingpotato, @lordwinty, @lord-of-fire, @maxer27, @method1973, @mima2606, @mk992039, @monster.farmer, @monsterbuster, @musicvoter, @olaexcel, @outlinez, @querdenker, @philippekiene, @podnikatel, @road2horizon, @taintedblood, @thetyper, @tillysfamilyfarm, @transcript-junky, @travoved, @tsnaks, @wakeupkitty, @wakeupkitty.pal, @wonderwop, @yonilkar

!!! GOOD LUCK to all participants of this giveaway !!!


thanks for the giveaway

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Count me in
Thanks for the chance

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In Again. !trdo

!BEER !trdo

Dankeschön ;)

Hey @forever-crypto, here is a little bit of BEER from @kirstin for you. Enjoy it!

I'm in

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Congratulations! The Rusty Android is yours ;)


rusty but trusty!

Pick Me, Pick Me


Congratulations @forever-crypto, your post successfully recieved 0.24886238 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

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Count me in @forever-crypto thanks for your giveaways. 🤞

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Can you ever have enough Rusty Androids? Nope! Count me in on this one as well.