Steem Monsters Alpha Sold Out - Booster Pack Speculation Has Begun

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Steem Monsters is probably the most hyped app on the Steem blockchain. It aims to create an online trading card with card ownership and trading. The Alpha phase offered the first cards to buy which helped to boost the project and finance its development.


Yesterday I read the post of @steemmonsters that the alpha booster packs are selling out quickly and that only 10k packs were left. I was looking at Steem Monsters just recently and started to get the hype. The proof-of-ownership aspect of the trading card game is revolutinary and resulted in immediate success for the project even before they have a running game.

When I went to the Steem Monster Discord channel I saw that the available amount of packs had already because the buzzing community was giving constant updates. When the pack numbers went down I took my chance to buy 21 of the last available booster packs. Only minutes after I did that they were all sold out as some users like @themarkymark started to buy them in the thousands.

Immediately after packs sold out the speculation for unopened booster packs has begun. People started to offer their alpha boosters for $4, $6, $8, $10 and even $20 Dollars right away. What started as a concept idea for game ended up in creating about one million Dollars before the actual game is released. This is huge and is probably already more successful than the majority of all the games that were ever created. I don't have any numbers for that but the success speaks for itself.


Trading/Selling Booster Packs

At the moment it is not possible to trade booster packs via the decentralized markets on or But we can send packs to other people as a "gift" and find private ways for making the trade, like a Steem transaction for example. I hope we will be able to do that directly from the Monster DEX soon as well. People are eager to get some of the last available cards from the alpha edition before the beta starts which should happen very soon.

The actual game will also come out soon and we all be able to play at the end of the month if things go according to plan. The players/investors are speculating on higher prices for all the alpha cards as soon as that happens and the demand for cards will grow to be able to play the game in the first place. Even common cards are bought massively if offered for good prices on the DEX because of that.

As the drop chances for good cards are very low and my 20 packs (I already opened one) will not give me good chances for nice drops, I have decided I will sell my booster packs and not open them. you can make me an offer but I think I want to see how the Steem Market market develops before I do that.


A few remaining Alpha packs on Kickstarter

If you want to get a few more of the last Alpha packs you can invest in the Steem Monsters Kickstarter campaign where the $25 (10 alpha packs) and the $800 (110 alpha packs) as well as the higher perks (all single cards from the alpha) are still available. But careful: The other perks have already Beta boosters packs as the early bird versions are sold out. You will also get some of the exclusive cards as well that only come with the Kickstarter. There is also a Fundition campaign (based on Steem) going on but all cards there are already Beta packs.

$25 Kickstarter Perk$800 Kickstarter Perk



I think Steem Monsters has already achieved more than most other Steem platforms. They created a use-case outside of the normal content creation and use the high speed and zero transaction fees to create a stable system, unlike the infamous Cryptokitties that brought down the Ethereum network. Steem is able to manage that beautifully and Steem Monsters is onboarding new users with the account creation included in the $10 Starter packs and Kickstarer perks.

Steem Monsters has the potential to become a killer app for Steem which would be wild as it is so different to normal content creation projects. I have see a golden future for Steem Monsters and look forward to see this game come into fruition.

P.S. I have decided to make Steem Monsters one of the ten starting communities for the 1UP curation system and replace it for the planned 1UP community as we will be able to thrive via bounties and don't need extra support. But more about that in a future @steem-1up update. Please check out my 1UP Fundition campaign to help making it a reality. (10% beneficiary rewards of this post go towards my campaign.)

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Hey flauwy, what do you think about the Steemmonsters entry barrier? (meaning; things could get expensive fast!...)


What do you mean by entry barrier?


Well, to play SteemMonsters, one has to spend a lot of money to be able to play the game fully (or compete in it)!

Great overview @flauwy and yes the last two days where really amazing to watch how fast these packs sold out you could almost feel the Fomo in the air.
I'm just wondering why people always freak out in the last minute since this great project has been around for month now where it was pretty easy to get the alpha packs and collect good cards from the dex.
I'm also looking forward to your 1UP suppport for the Steemmonster community!!!

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Yeah, I think the Steem Monster community will be pretty happy about the 1UP-votes. :)

Definitely a neat use of the blockchain and it is most surely very popular. I bet it could be a thousand times more popular and the STEEM blockchain would handle it.

I didn't spend any of my limited steem on it but love it as another DAPP here paving the way for others. So neat to see the apps pop up despite the SMTs being 9 months away.

Good cause for sure.


Funny how Steem Monster cards don't even need their own SMT because the cards have value on their own.

It is crazy the buzz that this game has created, and it hasn't even been released, to be precise you can´t do anything in the game. For now it is only a "trade market" for cards.

We love the developers and the hype is more than justified, especially now that STEEM price is down and we need to be motivated... :D


True, Steem Monsters is a great way to distract us from the low price. Until you want to buy some $ boosters and have to pay in Steem. :P


Ahaah, exactly, this prices also have the advantage of bringing more FIAT into the blockchain, because buying packs with STEEM is preatty expensive now.

It's truly mindblowing what steemmonsters has accomplished even before they launched the game - it's a huge lift for the Steem community, and it honestly is one of the best things I have seen develop on the blockchain and makes me proud and excited to be here.

The current markets have had some influence on me lately (grey hairs mostly) but thinking about steemmonsters and some of the other projects that are happening - I know I'm here at the right spot.

Your 1UP work is part of that little 'list' too by the way. I believe basically optimizing curation will make curating more fun for many and also fix the uselessness of trails the way they are now.

Thanks for all you do and enjoy your steemmonsters!


Thanks for the kind words. I will work hard to make 1UP a "fun" way to curate. And I can relate to the "grey hair" (although you should not write that with an "s" or else you specifically talk about puberty hair and I doubt you had that in mind) as I pay my bills with Steem. This month was impossible as I don't throw my cryptos to throw out of the window just like.


Muhahahaha really? It's not 'one hair, two hairs'? :') (I actually found three, grey hair units that is.) The subtleties of the English language that I will never fully grasp :D

Ugh, paying bills with Steem is hard now, and it's time for us to see some pretty numbers again. I have high expectations of the coming year, but well - that doesn't pay rent today. Good luck with that <3

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The steem monsters has really taken the activity up in during this phase great project

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