Steemmonsters Duels released! Fight in this alternative matchmaking and WIN STEEM!

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Enter, fill the blank with your username, complete the captcha and hit queue! Now wait until you're matched with an opponent.

Got it? Just follow the instructions below. Challenge or accept a challenge restricted to bronze-level cards or the battle won't count. Both winners and losers get a prize, so just try it!


Q: Will this affect my DEC energy bar?

A: No. Your energy bar only lowers when you win ranked battles, which SM duels doesn't use.

Q: How is this different from battling on the official ranked mode?

A: You earn STEEM instead of DEC. You can get in line for both the site and ranked battles at the same time if you want then earn from both. You can also play SM Duels all day long if you want, without penalties.

Q: Where does the funding come from for prizes?

A: Bitfun referrals and ads. Please don't use adblock. There are no popups, just flat rectangles.

Developed by @felipejoys and @smitop


Where does the funding come from for prizes?

Never mind, caught this: Rewards are backed by ads.

Bitfun referrals and ads. Please don't use adblock. There are no popups, just flat rectangles.

You thinking of direct selling ad slot like I do with Good way to advertise and can actually help other STEEM projects too.

Yes, however I'm not famous enough to get instant credibility from other project owners so I'm waiting until it picks up. If you'd like to talk about it, I'm very inclined.

I'm broke, but I'll let you know in the future.


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Fast & Smooth transactions ......

I recommend everyone give it a shot !

Thank you!

That is fantastic :)

For now I think you should make the site look a little better, some redesigning is definetaly needed.

And obviously more people are needed since queue times are currently pretty big.

But I think this project has a really good chance of becoming a hit !
Keep up the good work.

Hopefully queue times will become really short once people realize they don't need the starter pack to play through SM duels. And yes I will beautify it. :)

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I just tried it out and it's really cool my friend. I see it as another way to train/learn while earning and I think it as well ensures that one keeps on playing while having to recharge their ERC.

Keep up the Dev,

Hopefully, this will be huge!

Cool work @felipejoys, congrats.

What about SP delegations ? Are you looking for people to delegate to you so that your free votes can be more attractive. Also what about creating some tournaments for it . This is a great idea which I presume can work out. Only need to find a way to create revenue.

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