SteemMonsters Ripoff or Glitch?

in steemmonsters •  20 days ago  (edited)

It has been at least 2 or 3 (if not more) seasons where I have achieved a reward status for a quoted number of cards (this time 12) but received at least 3 fewer cards in my rewards than the quoted number of rewards cards.

@steemmonsters @aggroed
Is this a glitch or are you doing it on purpose because you can? I would hope it's a software issue.. but considering it has occurred for so many seasons, I'm slightly confused...

EDIT: thank you to @schmidt2015 for clarifying and finding the Missing cards


What is being done to review and resolve this issue?

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12 cards Screenshot.png

Wow, good catch. That's a strange way to set up the reveal of 12 cards though.. with only 9 spots.