Steem Monsters *IMPROV* Voices Challenge

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(What I’m calling this Improv and unprepared process LOL)
dtube jamie honey.jpg!/v/eventspeaker/q86ap937
I'm not sure Why, but once I edited the post on Steemit, I lost the Dtube video of the actual voices, so after many attempts to fix I've had to go with a youtube upload so you can see/hear it below.

OK here’s the story/challenge I gave myself with the @steemmonsters Voice Audition for some of their characters from this Steem Monsters Voice Actor Auditions! POST

So for some added FUN….

I gave myself a personal challenge of seeing what voice I would come up with ‘off the cuff’, as soon as I found and saw the picture card representing the name in the post of a potential Steem Monster still needing a voice.

Here’s the list of names from the post.

Red Splinter:
• Malric Inferno
• Pit Ogre
• Cerberus
• Goblin Shaman
• Giant Roc
• Kobold Miner
• Talia Firestorm

Blue Splinter:
• Pirate Captain
• Sabre Shark
• Xia Seachan

Green Splinter:
• Stone Golem
• Stonesplitter Orc
• Flesh Golem
• Goblin Sorcerer
• Rexxie
• Minotaur Warrior
• Xander Foxwood

White Splinter:
• Air Elemental
• Silvershield Paladin
• Clay Golem
• Silvershield Knight
• Kiara Lightbringer

Black Splinter:
• Animated Corpse
• Skeleton Assassin
• Spineback Wolf
• Jarlax The Undead

• Elven Cutthroat
• Centaur
• Grumpy Dwarf
• Peaceful Giant
• Enchanted Pixie
• Cyclps
• Cocatrice
• Magi Sphinx
• Raging Impaler
• Hydra

And then with the microphone recording, I would search for the card at click on the Market tab then below it Edition then Beta given me this selection of inspirational pictures to see what creativity I would come up with.

PICS - not uploading at present so will add later
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.34.40 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.34.47 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.34.54 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 11.34.59 AM.png

As soon as I found the matching Steem Monster card to the name I would start an Improvised voice and see where it went. Now I’ll grab a few I like and submit, but I thought this was a Fun way to play as well.

SO Then I added the pics to the vocal recording as a video, so as you could watch and hear at the same time, the only editing was taking out the pauses while searching, so as it’s not as long. Of course, with a little computer affects, I could definitely make some of these voices really cool.

As a former entertainer, character actor and stunt performer for Warner Bros Movie World and Universal Studios for 20 years, it was fun to play with this kind of thing again.

Please let me know which one you think is a good vocal match, or anything else you like LOL...

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Check this out! @reseller, @kenmelendez, @steemcafe, @larrymorrison -

Maybe I'm biased! But, I think Jamie would do some GREAT voices for Steem Monsters!!


Woohooo I'll take any Bias LO,
(Which voice should I use then when I go Pokemon-Go Hunting and the Big Pokemon Flees....) LOL

OMG @thehoneys and @eventspeaker!!! These are my favorite voices by far! Pit Ogre sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger hahaha amazing job, Jamie ♥️ You should single handedly be in charge of all voices. Let’s see if @yabapmatt and @aggroed agree with me 👍🏻

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YaY Thanks @kenmelendez
I finally was able to upload the whole story of the process, basically just read a name, found a card and then saw what would come of it. It was like playing an improv game with myself.
LOL "Characters from a Hat"

Ooooh Jamie you would be AWESOME as a voice actor for Steem Monsters!! I hope you get a part!! <3


Thanks @Coruscate, It would be FUN and an Honor to be a magical piece of history.
I am the voice in some arcade games from some vocal work many years ago in Australia. One was a western shooter game, it was weird to see some animated character on the screen and hear my own voice. LOL

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