Steem Monsters Bonanza

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Steem Monsters Anyone?

If You Haven't Heard

There is a new 'craze' sweeping through the STEEM blockchain recently. In fact, if you haven't heard of it, you're not engaging very much out here, are you living under a rock? I dare say, it won't be a passing fad. What @aggroed and @yabapmatt have done is brilliant in creating @steemmonsters. It's a card based RPG that should end up being real fun.

I Went a Little Nuts

I saw these people out here already having the complete sets and fully leveled up legendaries. I believe @berniesanders was the first, then a few others and I was all, "Really? You're gonna be that guy?" Then I got jealous. My competitive nature combined with a completionist motivation made me complete the set as well. (Don't ask how much I spent, because it was too much.) So, now I'm that guy. I've been sharing though. Ask around.

My Favorite Cards

As with anything I've ever collected, I have grown to like certain ones more than others. A few because they took so long to get, some because of the artwork, and some because of the names. My personal favorite is the Selenia Sky. A hot warrior chic riding a dragon? Just too cool. That one was the final piece and took forever to obtain. Plus, it's all gold and shiny, and I like shiny shit. Anyone else have cards that are more elusive?


There really are some beautiful cards in this set though. I am under the impression this is just the beginning and there will be plenty of other sweet cards coming. I really think this can draw a new crowd to the platform, but it needs some exposure ouside of the cryptoverse. Once tournaments get started, I'm guessing it will get around to the Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, and Magic the Gathering circles. Here's some more of my favs:
Angel of Light.pngDefender of Truth.pngFeral Spirit.png
Enchantress of the Night.pngTwisted Jester.pngLord of Darkness.png
Elemental Phoenix.pngGiant Roc.pngMagi of the Forest.png
Lyanna Natura.pngRexxie.pngSwamp Thing.png
Spirit of the Forest.pngMischievous Mermaid.pngPirate Captain.png
Lightning Dragon.pngChromatic Dragon.pngGold Dragon.png

It's Spreading

It's really catching on. Last Friday, on @carrieallen's show, 😎Steemstar After Dark😎, we did a skit written by @chrisroberts. I got to play The Lord of Darkness and it was badass. There is a small group coordinating a character named Akox - @themonstertrader - who is all about trading and auctioning off cards. I am helping with that when I can alongside @calumam, @wolv, and @penderis. If @aggroed had been quicker, he could have snatched up my 'ingenuity' for some character design and backstory LOL! (offer stands btw, check out my @steemitcomics stories for reference).

My Own Character

Following suit and trying to coordinate with other stories written, mostly in line with @themonstertrader, I am creating one as well. They shall be revealed this week some time. Pretty excited about it, especially since I'm addicted to these cards LMAO!

Wait, You Said Trading?

Yes, one last thing. In light of the vast potential for trades and auctions, @thebugiq and I have started a new discord called 'The Auction Block'. Akox is there and will be trading and selling cards. We will also be encompassing anything people want to sell including silver, gold, art, you name it. Join us and let's get your items sold! Can use @steembay or just a normal post, however you choose to do it. Just remember to keep STeeMing oN!

The Lord of Darkness Muahahahahahahaha!

@snook made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png


At least you know how Akox feels about competition! haha

Looking forward to meet your char!

Woop woop! This is going to be a lot of fun :D

Can't wait to see how this evolves over the next few months. The game itself isn't even here yet and so many people are getting involved.

Great choice of cards bud! All about the fantastic artwork.

Now if I can just get the proper time to do it :P


I think this should be my card :D

He he nice one

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I've gotta get me a pack soon, lol. Don't wanna miss out!

Yes! Get that collection started!

I must admit I got caught into it as well, I am far from the complete set yet but will probably buy some more LOL

Any specific card you want?

@enginewitty To many to list LOl, but the ones I am missing are all legendary ones for a few sets and the gold ones I have none yet, but with time maybe I will get there

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