STEEM Monsters?

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You already know. No, I'm not paid by @aggroed or @yabapmatt to be promoting this. In fact I asked Matt the other day to run another bot for me and he was all, "I'm kind of covered up on a project right now." Little did I know it was this badass. Maybe badass is the wrong word, FUN is probably a better word. He dropped the link in #thealliance discord last week and I was pretty pumped.

Brand New

It was brand spanking new, hadn't even made it so you could send people packs or level up your cards yet. Oh hey, @robertandrew, you got a pack waiting for you, hope you get something good! Now, I've always been a 'collector' of things I find value in. It started with stamps when my parents were into that and my grandpa bought me a pack of 1988 Donruss baseball cards. I remember I got a Don Mattingly and Gregg Jefferies in that pack. Then came the coins and several years ago...cryptocurrencies. That opened me back up to one of my favorite groups on here, #steemsilvergold. Stackitus is a heck of a thing! But ya, cards.

The Cards

Cards were a big one. If somebody wants, I'll do a post and share a few pictures of some random various card types I've retained through the years. What I like about the Steem Monsters, is the comic aspect and the role playing feel. I play two kinds of games (when I have time) on XBOX. FPS (First Person Shooters) and RPG's. MMORPG's specifically, which started with my passion for a shitty crafted online game called Runescape. There was just so much to do and things to interact with, I was hooked. And now combining two of my and RPG? Ya, I feel like pulling out my old Game Boy and popping in some Pokemon all of a sudden. Lot of the cards I got so far remind me of Steempeeps LOL

My Favorite Cards So Far

Legendaries -

Elemental Phoenix.pngSpirit of the Forest.png

Epics -

Mischievous Mermaid.pngMagi of the Forest.png
Swamp Thing.pngScreaming Banshee.pngAir Elemental.png
@michaeldavid? LOL! j/k@snook? (webcam hair)@amitsharma?

Rare & Common

Feral Spirit.pngMedusa.pngPirate Captain.png
I'm a Mad Hatter too.It's a sad story.@dreemsteem???
Rexxie.pngTwisted Jester.png
The Lizard King, ya.Wait, @jesta?

That's All...For Now

I'm really excited to see this game's progression and follow how everything 'plays' out. I am looking forward to entering a few tournaments and seeing what else they can come up with. The Monster Market should be a good place to build solid decks too, once that opens up. So far so good you guys. STeeM oN my peoples!


@snook made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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Ya I'm totally on board with this as soon as I have the $5 worth of SBD to get started. That's also assuming my wallet grows faster than SBD is tanking lately. LOL


I think I have enough now. :D




Send me too some I have spent it all :( I am thinking of powering down lolz

I got in and picked up a few decks a couple of days ago... Only one legendary though. Can't wait to see how it comes together and battle it out! See you on the battlefield!


Yessir see ya there!

OMG! giggling

Those are so great! 💖


Ya gonna try not to get addicted lol

Funny moments

hahahahaa that totally should have been a girl pirate ;)

and... wait.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I USED TO PLAY RUNESCAPE! hahahhahahaha No one has EVER heard of that game before!!!! LOL


LMAO that is awesome, ya I played the shit out of it for about 3 months straight and found 'Morrowind'. ;)


I probably played for about the same... but i was just obsessed with being able to cut down those magic trees. hahahaha i stopped because strong players kept finding me and killing me. LOLOLOLOL


Ya same here. There was a group of them that picked on me so I said screw you guys, I'm going to Morrowind.


hahahahahaa replied with the wrong account above (ughhhh) lol but - i never knew Morrowind! was it fun??? i tried second life for a little bit but that was TRIPPY hahahahaha


300 days playtime for me heh :)

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These monsters definitely seems worth checking out, looking forward to see your post about card collection

shitty crafted online game called Runescape

I'll have you know I'm lvl 70 strength in Runescape. 1v1 me bro.

Dude! Carrie and I are all in on this game :D

We got some packs yesterday, and each of us picked up a dragon!
Can't wait for gameplay!!!

Damn it I would love to play this but unfortunately , not enough SBD right now .