[Steemmonsters] Selenia Sky giveaway

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Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 5.47.22 PM.png

This beauty is the only legendary summoner card in the Steemmonsters. There are only 878 Selenia Sky cards available in the game so far, and it's valued around $4.5 - $5.0, at the moment. If you want to have it, here is your chance.


  • Claim your ticket in the post by commenting anything. (Example comment: +1)
  • Your Steem account's reputation must be at least 40.

Participation bonus

  • If you had voted for my witness already, you will get a double chance (x2) with your participation. If you didn't yet, you can still vote for my witness and get the bonus ticket before the raffle results announced.

Deciding the winners

After the post pays out (1 week) I will select the winner randomly from the commenters. I will share the python script later on.

Good luck.

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Can I participate? My reputation does not exceed 40 yet. +1


You're 40, now.


Excellent, I've just approved you as a witness. :)

I will give it a try, still missing this one in my deck ^^

Hi, you send me the transaction message about this giveaway to checkout.
But I'm.. ugh! Lack some reputation for that right now.
I can promise that I get 40+ 'til a few days before this Contest out.

So, can we reeach agreement?)


You're already 39. Just make sure you're 40 before this post pays out. :)

Voting!!! :D

Love this giveaway! Voted you witness!

I'm definitely missing that one^^

Voted for you witness. +1

Cool Thanks!

Although my reputation is right now at 39.9 I will still participate. I voted for your witness @emrebeyler. +1


you're 40 now.

Me entered & voted witness. Gl



Sent you a gold card for future giveaways. Thanks for holding these giveaways. Go Steemit

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good luck to me!! +1

in my collection ~~~~


Sent you a card

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I‘d like to win too. +1

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Sent you a card. Good luck

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Selenia would be awesome in my collection ! So say +1


Sent you a card. Good luck

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Thank you very mutch for the Card


I love Selenia Sky , and I make a footer of Selenia Sky. Here is the footer . IMG_20190114_084724_712.jpg

Thanks! I would like one of those beauties

Will this be my first legendary?: +1

I love Selenia Sky!! 😁

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Cool, I am in

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This is a comment.

P.S.: Thanks for running this!

I’m looking for this card to claim my full deck.
@wilhb81 @yanyanbebe @travelgirl

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Thanks for tagging us bro 😁

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i just vote for your witness....
...i wanna say that in Alpha edition there are only 772 selenia sky cards so that makes a great rare rare card....i hope to see an alpha edition in your future giveaways...thank you for calling me to participate

Wow, Selenia Sky I never got this one yet 😂 +1

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⚡$$$ Tipped @emrebeyler ⚡100.00000000 SWIFT! If you don't know how I work, reply help! Currently the price of SwiftCash in the market is $0.0010 USD per SWIFT. Current value of the tip is $0.1000 USD. To find out more about SwiftCash, please read our whitepaper!

Oh Selenia, come to me!

I'll play.

@pataty69 on the way to win this legendary

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Don't have this one yet :)

Excellent giveaway. Selenia is not only legendary but must-have summoner card if you going to reach champion one league.

+1 thanks for offering this contest. Please comment your monsters account name and I can send you some cards to give away in the future.

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Would love to hve that card +1

I would love to win it. Its a great card and gives you a lot more options for tournaments. I've gotten destroyed a few times by a well set up selenia team.

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Thank you very much for this great contest !
I hope I will win.
Yesterday I join the Diamond League and I think it would be very good to have this card because until now I have only Daria as dragon summoner.
So I give my look a try and my witness vote are already at your side.

I don't have this card it will look awesome in my collection.
Good luck to all +1

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This is a great opportunity to get this card and I don't wanna loos it.

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Oh, I need it!

I surely like to win this one. so, +1
And voted you as a witness, so that's another +1, I guess :0)

One of the best cards made so far - epic artwork as well :-)

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I am trying my luck too +1

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I'm in! And I have voted for you as a witness already :)

Let me play !!!
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

Selenia is amazing, I almost always win with this summoner, soon I will have. +1

Hello, excellent card, I would like to have it. I just voted for your witness. +1

+1!!! good luck


Wow, I thought this comment would explode ;)

I'm gonna win this!

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I just started playing. Let's see if beginners luck comes.into play here.

I'm in game and I hope to recieve your giveaway

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I wonder if I can actually join?
Currently, I'm only at 39 reputation.

If not, well that would be just too unfortunate..

Awesome Giveaway!
Re-steemed for goodness and voted for Witness too :-D

I'd love to have Selenia , she's been away far too long... Come back home!

I definitely want to join this giveaway! +1

I don't have this. I like this Selenia sky.

It's a good service.

That's a cool card. :)

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I hope he can join my team.
I wish you all a wonderful day.

You have many contributions in the ecosystem. Can't believe I missed voting for your witness. I had one more free spot, so I voted for you now.

Selenia Sky is very powerful (and for that I see it is restricted in some tournaments).

I sure would love to have her in my collection. :)

My SM account is @ga-sm. ++


Thanks for the witness vote and kind words :)

Thank you for the heads up and for this very generous giveaway.


I voted for you as a witness a long time ago.


You get the bonus automatically :) Good luck!

Still my fav summoner. Am curious how these new ones will change gameplay.

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ohh thats an amazing give away :) so precious !
good luck everyone and thank you emrebeyler =)

Hey! Great! I hope to be the winner 😃

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Please Selenia, Kiss me.

Awesome giveaway! thanks for the heads up @emrebeyler
+1 X2 :)

+1 Voted for your witness, you are an amazing representative for the Steem community.

Hello all
I need this card badly +1

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Selenia Sky is my favorite summoner. At least until the new Legendary summoners come out. Thanks for a great contest.

Had already voted for you for Witness.

I would happy if i get it. +1
Good Luck to me. :D

I'm hunting for the selenia all the time! +1

Good luck to everyone in the giveaway :)


amazing contest. need one of this card :)
already voted for your witness

@emrebeyler, Interesting, and in my opinion now we can definitely call this season as Steemmonsters season because it's an trending aspect.

And for sure these kind of cards can make one's deck more strong and push them to win more battles. Keep up this boosting and encouraging giveaway.

Stay Blessed.

Man, this would be an awesome card to be able to level up. I've got some really good ranged decks and giving them a +1 would definitely boost me in ranked!

1st of all, Thank You for this raffle and letting me now about it

2ndly, +10!!


Me, Me! (+2 )

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Wow, good luck everyone

great that you organize this giveaway-contest !

Just voted for you as a witness. Thanks for the giveaway! +1

Thank you for the opportunity.

I want to win too) +1

I will be glad to win! thank you :)

I hope that I will win the selenia sky. +1

Let's try it - would be so cool to win this summoner.
Surely you have my witness vote !