Steem Monsters Raffle #1 | Announcement

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Hi guys! It took a while for me be finally I'm also got the Steem Monsters fever! I bought me my starter and a few boosters back a few weeks/months when Steem Monsters started but never really did something with them. Now since they started the battle I'm eager to learn and yeah there is still a lot to learn for me until I'm able to battle and win.



I will try to do daily Steem Monster card giveaways starting out with this one. Trying to keep the rules simple so everybody is able to enter. Let's start the first one.


Raffle will run approximately 24 hours so be quick to enter!


  • tag at least 1 fellow steemian on a comment here on this post
  • follow me for continuous raffles (optional)

Doing this gets you 1 ticket in the raffle. Upvoting and Resteeming will each give you an extra ticket for the raffle. So basically if you comment (as described above), upvote and resteem this post your chance to win triples.



Let's start with the most valuable common card their is at the moment the Fresh Golem:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-20 um 12.32.56.png


Good luck to all! Let's see how the engagement is to determine the details about future raffles.




@minimining likes those earth cards

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This is cool, here is my fellow Steemian who is also on Steem Monsters: @davemccoy.

Good luck to all :)

@zaku loves steem monsters and gives one away everyday. Thanks for the raffle.

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That's nice, I am already on @zaku's giveaway post. Thanks for the info :)

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! i tag @pladozero

I tag @stokjockey. Upvoted and resteemed.

upvoted, resteemed and tagging @elleok ;)

need any more cards @simplymike? 😊

@zaku loves steem monsters and gives one away everyday. Thanks for the raffle

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My son also loves steemmonster @aykaco

Thank you for this giveaway. My brother definitly needs more cards but his SP not enough for commenting @aykaco

@petertag want it - so he can change it with me for a Black card!

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Thanks for the shoutout, @gillianpearce :0)

@shadown99, I guess you wouldn't say no to another card?

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