I Won a Free Pack of Steem Monsters (Pack Opening and Card Stats)

in steemmonsters •  3 months ago

Steem Monsters is quickly picking up Steam (no pun intended). This week the developers released the card stats, getting us one step closer to gameplay! I am super excited about the coming battle mode. One thing that the creators have done extremely well is continues to keep the community engaged and build an awesome community around the game on discord, Steemit, and other social medias. A few days ago, Steem Monsters held a contest (of which I was one of the lucky winners). In this video, I open my free pack of Steem Monsters as well as go over the newly released stats.

I accidentally recorded an entire 10 min video, only to discover that there was no audio when I tried to upload. I apologize, but I did my best to make the opening as exciting as it was in the first video.

thank you for your time and attention, see you in the comments!


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Congratulations on your free pack of Steem Monsters.

I bought a pack today...not entirely sure how the game is supposed to work in terms of steemit. Will it offer new ways to get steem...just curious. I guess I should probably join the Discord group so I can be directly connected to the action. Thanks for the info, good video.