5 Steem Monster Booster Packs Giveaway (Closed)

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Fellow Steemians,

Today I will give away one Steemmonster Booster Pack to five winners.

booster pack img.png

How to join?

  • Upvote this post
  • Post a screenshot of your favorite Steem Monster
  • Resteem this post (optionally)

The giveaway will run 3 days after the release of this post and the winners will then be announced and will receive their booster pack.




How am I possibly going to pick a favorite monster? Good luck everyone!


Mine would have to be the Enchantress of the Night because I have opened hundreds of packs and I have the entire set but only one of these Rare cards and I actually got it from a trade. So literally I haven't opened one of these up yet. Crazy...

Enchantress of the Night.png


Screenshot-2018-6-23 Welcome to Steem Monsters .png

The defender of truth! @ironshield

You forgot to upvote

Upvoted also.

Really nice give away! I don't have that much cards yet, but this one looks like a forest fairy to me.
lyanna natura.JPG


That would be this magnificent piece off ass! we all need a bit of madness

I'm going to pick Goblin Shaman, because I made a funny story about him, how instead of train offensive spells he started to chant dance of rain for days and days, needless to say it was raining, no it was pouring all the time, mud everywhere, my whole army become demoralized... quite an event ;-)


nice but you forgot to vote

I could swear I clicked, but maybe not, well now you got two upvotes and thanks for the reminder ;-)

Happens! Thank you for participating


Reminds me of my friends Grandma ;-)

Bought a booster pack the other day... ended up with a gold... Check it out! Animated-Corpse.PNG

My favorite Steem Monster Minotaur Warrior.
minotaur warrior done-1.jpg

Thanks so much for the booster @elevator09!!!!

Gladly! I hope you get good cards, and thank you for your participation

Got one rare...not had much luck so far, but it’s only the start :)


My favourite steem monster looking to get this one

Thx for the opportunity @elevator09


Cutest thing I've pulled so far 😉


I want this dragon steem card i'm new on steemit and i want to earn money help me and give me one card please.

Please guys upvote my comment for helping who will help me i will also help him by upvoting.

Im just like him! true warrior. Hard like steel!
Love this Monster

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-22 at 14.35.59.jpeg

Ooh sorry, just done. Thank you for your message!

Happens! Gladly

I am the 300th upvoter! hihi

Here's mine c",)

Lynna Natura.JPG

Can it get any better than this?

I chose this even if I did not have it

Thanks for the opportunity @elevator09

I like Naga Warrior the best, because she looks like a bad-ass mermaid!

esta carta es la mas genial por los momentos para mi. 04144663787.jpg

although i still haven't any cards i have checked out all of them. Judging only by the design my favorite is

Another week another contest! Such a great way to engage with people and promote steemmonsters.pcxfcqnwl3.png

Thanks for this opportunity to participate this is my Favorite steem monster cardpirate.PNG

I like this guy: Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.17.04 PM.png

Why? Cuz he looks really cool with that staff and magic.

My favorite monster is angel of light (hope 1 day to get it)! Good luck everyone :)

Skeleton Assassin - One of the few I don't have yet of the commons but I really like the looks of this one.

Skeleton Card.PNG

My favorite all time steem moster goblin_shaman.png

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Below is my favorite as its the first rare card I got.

Great! this is my favorite card from now, just like this enchanted magician summoner of water! :)

Thank you for this nice opportunity :) This is my favorite Monster :)


Akox will have to go with my main man Bob here.
This one always has got my back when someone tries to run off without paying...
Also... he works for food. Heard he slices up kitties tho... nasty stuff.

As I love cats, my favorite is Feral Spirit :) It reminds me also to the ghost pokemons gengar, apollo and Nebulak :D which I like a lot, they re so cool :D

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great offer but i am new and still learning

Thanks! you can participate if you want

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cool idea you've got there

Many thanks

i vote for you.plzz you vote for me...

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Would you be able to have a go at utilizing the work area customer rather than the portable application? In spite of the fact that I need to state that I've been making sponsor packs through both ways as of late and haven't experienced any issues up until this point.

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