I don't like Cocatrice...

in #steemmonsterslast year (edited)

...there are much better 2 mana cards and even though the flying ability seems nice, it always fails me. More chances to evade attacks? Unfortunately not for me.

For example, this fight was 27 mana cap with an Armored Up ruleset.

Because of the current weekly Splinterlands event I wanted to use the neutral rare Cocatrice card. I put it at the first position so it can evade some melee and range hits. After Cocatrice I put the Flesh golem, Goblin Sorcerer and the rest.

So how did the battle go?

My opponent got me beat and I lost. Cocatrice didn't manage to dodge any of the attacks. Normally I would choose Swamp Thing or Creeping Ooze instead of Cocatrice, but I am not sure if that would even help.

Battle replay - https://steemmonsters.com?p=battle&id=3365ee5afd11a0680f531fd849a4e38f2a05092e&ref=eirik

Good job @dernap65! I stood no chance against you in this battle!