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If you still haven't found out about this promising digital card game called "Steemmonsters" I suggest you correct yourself and go to Steemmonsters and register! It's still in alpha, so you have plenty of time to join in this project!

This is my entry about a lore contest for a card named "The Silvershield Knight". You can find the post about the contest here and join!

This is also my first attempt to write anything else than psychology articles, so please let me know what you think about it in the comments!

The Silverknight Story

“The Silvershield Knight they call me. My real name is mystery. My story – legend. Nobody actually knows who I am, but everyone knows what I stand for – honor and justice. Blessed are those who see me in battle on their side, doomed are the ones called my enemies.

My story? My story is filled with glory and pain. My expertise – forged in countless battles, my righteousness – shaped from hard decisions, my strength – emerged from the weakest moments. Today I am the SIlvershield Knight, but once I was a prince, a small boy from a distant kingdom, hidden beyond nine mountains, far beyond the Great river – my real name - Agronn. A name washed away from the blood of my enemies and unknown to the ones I fight for. Let me tell you the story of Agronn.

Agronn was a smart and bright boy, who was living a peaceful and happy life with his family. His father was the ruler of his kingdom and Agronn was his only child.

“Once I am gone, you will be our King, my son,” his father was telling him. “When this time comes, you have to be prepared.”

And so Agronn began preparing since the moment he could swing a wooden sword. He practiced all day long – foreign teachers were hired by his father to train him combat techniques unknown to his people.

“A great ruler is not only defined by the sharpness of his sword, but by the sharpness of his mind,” his father kept repeating him.
Along with studying the art of war, Aggron received the best academic education and was a promising leader.

Slowly, the young prince became a master of his sword, but that was not enough for him. He wanted to become a good rider and to swing his sword from a horse. On his 16-th birthday his father granted his wish – he gifted him a horse.
“My son,” the King said to Agronn, “I see that you are becoming stronger with every single day. I cannot be more proud with you. You truly are my son. For your 16-th birthday I have a special gift for you. A horse.”
But Agronn was not happy with his gift. The horse was skinny and could barely walk. He looked at his father with confused and angry look.
“Is this a joke? How do you expect me to become master of the fight with this?”, he burst into anger, “It is so skinny that even a girl cannot ride it. You are offending me!”

His father, known for his wisdom and calmness just ignored his son’s arrogance and simply replied:

“My son, this is not a joke. Your horse is not an ordinary one. It was brought from a kingdom far beyond the Great River. This horse will become your best friend, your partner in combats on your way to glory and justice. It would never grow old and weak. It would be always there for you and keep you safe. But in order for this to happen, you must prove your loyalty to your horse. You have to feed him and make him healthy again. Train him and become his friend. Only then you would understand how precious your gift is. His name is Nightfall. Together you will be undefeated.”

Agronn stood silent as his father told him the story about Nightfall. He was arrogant by temper but has inherited his father’s cleverness and wisdom. He only nodded and grabbed the reins of Nightfall and pet him.

“You and me Nightfall, together we will become the greatest in our kingdom.”

Agronn discovered that his father did not lie about his horse. Not only that Nightfall regained his strength on a short notice, but Agronn felt he got a lot stronger himself. There was a special bond between them.
Two years have passed since their friendship started and fame and glory followed. Agronn’s kingdom was famous for the combat tournaments that were organized. Agronn has become champion of them all.

The reward Agronn received in his last tournament was a shield with the symbol of the King’s family. The shield shined so bright that on sunlight it appeared to be made out of silver. But in reality it was forged from a metal so strong, which no sword could penetrate, while at the same time so light, that even a girl could wield. His father was so proud with Agronn.

“My son, you truly deserve to take my place, once that I am gone”, he said to him. “You are aware that a war is coming and I need to support our allies on the east. I want you to look after the Kingdom while I am away.”

“Let me go instead of you! My place is on the battlefield and yours is here on this throne!”, Agronn disagreed in anger.

“It is my signature on the treaty, not yours Agronn! I am not discussing this decision with you. Do as your King commands you to!” The king did not want to argue. “I am leaving tomorrow. I will send a messenger, once we settle on the front.”

Agronn silently agreed and took his father place, as he left on the next day with their best soldiers, leaving the Kingdom in Agronn’s hands.

Days have passed and a message was not received. Agronn grew weary with each passing day.

“I am going to look for him!” he said one day.

“No, my son.”, his mother argued, “We need you here. Your place is with us. Send a scout instead.”

Again, Agronn obeyed. A scout was sent, looking for the King and his army.
Days have passed and the scout did not return. This time Agronn was determined. He had to find his father. But his mother would not allow him to.
He knew that something is wrong, so he took 20 of his best men and in the cover of the night, he saddled Nightfall and went looking for his father. He knew where the battlefield was. He rode almost without a rest and reached his destination only to find an empty valley with no signs of any battle. Not a single arrow, not a scrap of metal.

“I..I don’t understand? Where is everyone? Where is my father?”, Agronn looked around with confused look.
Suddenly, an arrow passed near his head.

“Raise your shields up!”, Agronn commaned, as he looked around, “Defense formation!”

His people obeyed instantly, forming a circle around him with their shields raised up. They were on an open field surrounded by a mountain ridge and a forest. The archers were hiding somewhere around them.

“There!”, Agronn yelled, as he pointed to a cave near them, “Regroup in this cave!”

“It’s an ambush!”, Agronn said to his men, “My father was betrayed! We have to go back! Our Kingdom is left unprotected, and there is no one to defend it!”

As they rushed out of the cave, another arrow followed and then another. Suddenly Agronn and his men were galloping under a rain of arrows. Two of his people have fallen.

“Stay focused!”, he commanded.“We must return home! It was all a trap!”

And so they ran. The arrows shot at them were quick, but their horses were faster.

“Run faster, my friend!, he told Nightfall. “We must return home quickly!”

But there was no home to return to. As Agronn was closing, he saw grey smoke in the distance, where his city was. His eyes filled with tears, his face red in anger and hatred.

“Charge!”, a command was given to his men. He did not know how many of his enemies were there, but he didn’t care. He would rather die in battle than running away like a coward.

His men, loyal to their commander did not hesitate to follow Agronn. They knew it was a lost cause, but shared the same values as his. They charged into the city. Houses were torched down, dead bodies everywhere, men, children and women. There was no one left. Agronn’s group headed to the castle. His last hope, his mother to be alive. He had to save her. But it was too late. He found her body in her bed – killed in her sleep.

Suddenly he heard a noise from the closet behind him. He raised his sword and slashed through the doors, cutting them like fresh cheese. Inside was one of the queen’s servants whipping.

“What happened?!”, Agronn barked at her, ”Who did this? Tell me now!”

He grabbed the woman for her shoulders and shook her.

“I..I don’t know”, she mumbled, “All I saw was their black raven sigil.”

Agronn dropped the woman. His face froze in shock. The kingdom with which they and an alliance had the symbol of the black raven. They allied with them, because they were the only force stronger than them, so instead of war they decided to make a truce and to unite against their enemies on the East. But they betrayed his father. This means war.

“We must destroy them!”, Agronn yelled in pain and anger, “I will bring justice! In the name of my father!”
Since then I became The Silvershield Knight and my men – the Silvershield warriors.

I will free my people from the traitors’ reign. I am the hope for a brighter tomorrow. I will bring justice and honor to this lands once again!”

Short summary:

Once a prince of his kingdom, the Silvershield now fights for justice and honor.
His horse Nightfall – quicker than an arrow. His sword – a symbol of strength. His shield – a beacon of hope. His appearance – a symbol of Life. The SIlvershiled Knight would appear in battle only in a moment of true despair, he would bring righteousness and strength to the ones oppressed by his enemies.

Additional notes:

Information such as the kingdom's exact name and location could be altered, based on the game's lore. Same goes for the sigil, or the exact tame of the Silvershield enemies.

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oh ... bummer. I have missed to read an vote. But I will hopefully have a look during the next days and give you a feedback.
This first attempt to unchain yourself from your used topic I actually like to encourage. It can be a lot of fun as well to sniff around beyond the scientific realm as you certainly already know:)


Thank you, Erika! Hopefully I would find some time to write more. I actually have something else on my mind, but I will see how it goes :)