One last reminder to go check out the @steemmonsters Kickstarter campaign.

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$43000 out of $50000 already. This is so exciting for the community and everyone that has a vested interest in Steemit and the steem blockchain. Keep spreading the word. I will link up a great post about the @steemmonsters basics in the comments if any of your friends, family or followers have questions.


This week they launched their Kickstarter. We think everyone should go check that out. We loved the video! Have you seen it?


Please share the Kickstarter campaign. The success of steemmonsters helps the whole steem blockchain.

More contests coming your way soon!!

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I invested a little into the kickstarter ( $50 ) but something tells me I am going to be kicking myself in the ass for not going to the $200 level but I am very new to crypto and even newer to these type of card games so I figured I just go with the a small amount.

I see lots of potential ..

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