@dosdudes is proud to present SteemMonsters Epic Defender of Truth card giveaway contest

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Nothing like contests @dkid14 @shoemanchu and were still celebrating the launch of our new blog together and will be giving, giving, giving @steemmonsters cards, also many other contests and giveaways.

So today start's a 8 day contest, @dosdudes will be giving away an @steemmonsters Epic Defender of Truth Card

Here are the rules of entry:

Select a number between 1-20, if your number pops up in the video, in the @dosdudes container you will win one. Multiple winners if same number is drawn.

Only 1 Entry per person

@dosdudes is growing and it thanks to you all for the support, Thank you all and see you on the next giveaway.

Defender of Truth.png

Also please go check out @steemmonsters for more details if you don't already know about it...

The Market is starting to pick up, so don't miss out on free cards.....

Also check out our great friends @o07 he also has contests everyday giving from SBD to Silver Coin, Yes I said Silver Coins and also many @steemmonster giveaways...

God Bless

Strive for Greatness....

dosdudes 2.png

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number 13


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17 for me please @dosdudes

Hmm, quite a few people have gone with the same number that I'm choosing. I hope you've got lots of Defenders of Truth there, @dosdudes! I'm adding my vote for number...


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