Why everyone should support @Monstersvote.

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So I found a really awesome Bot service today! :)
This service is called @Monstersvote and I think everyone should support it! Especially if you post @Steemmonster content. This Bot upvotes quality posts that use the tag #steemmonsters and compiles them into a nice daily report!
Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 10.55.59 AM.png
I love any bot system that compiles me into a daily report list.
Having a list of quality @steemmonster posts everyday is AWESOME! It helps you weed through the insane amount of #steemmonster posts everyday. Just go to @Monstervote and look at the lists. The posts are really good!!
Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 10.57.55 AM.png
Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 7.06.30 PM.png
The only problem with @Mlonstersvote is the account is still so small. I just want people to know: A great way to support US {@Dlux-sm} and YOURSELF is to delegate to @monstervote. I don't even know who runs @monstervote but it's a great project: And if they had more SP they could support this project and ANY good steemmonster project. I've had the idea for both an upvote system for SM posts and a curation trail. But I don't have time and someone else is already doing it. So Lets support them!!!

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Cool. Anything Steem Monsters has my support!

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