I rented my first Steemmonster card on Peakmonsters.com

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I rented a maxed Legendary water summoner Valnamor on Peakmonsters.com for 7 days for around 3 SBD.

If you want to rent a card on Peakmonsters.com you first have to log in and deposit STEEM or SBD. That's the only way the rental option will be available. It's not possible to rent directy out of your Steemit wallet. So keep that in mind. Depositing Steem at peakmonsters is the first step.

When you click on a card you like three options will appear:

  • card listings
  • card bids
  • card rentals

Click on card rentals. You will see several offers for different card levels. Offers for the same level can be different in escrow and daily fees. Some really try to milk it others have cheaper deals.

card rentals expl.jpg

I forgot to take a screenshot but I payed an escrow fee as well in addition to the daily fee. Escrow fee is a fee you pay in case you (the delagatee) decide you want out of the contract before the contract expires.

Some delegators choose not to set the escrow fee. You choose for how long you want the card - max is 30 days I think.

As you can see in the screenshot I don't own the card because the options for selling, burning the card are not available.


My impressions

The card is not all powerful, it does lose matches, surprise :)

I actually lost my first match but now that I'm getting used to it it serves me much better. It's not for every rule set but for some it definitely offers the edge over Arlic Stormbringer.

This is the good thing about renting cards. You can see what the card is capable of.


I have upped my delegation to @steemmonsters from 60 SP to 1020 SP.

I've been geting around 16 to 23 DEC's (Dark Energy Crystals) for the 60 SP delegation. I should be getting +350 DEC per day which is +10,000 DEC per month. Enough for 4 orbs.

Steemmonster/Splinterlands is going place. I really love these new in-game tokens. It has really expanded the game.

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didn't know you could rent out cards.
i hope this game goes beyond steem :)

It already did actually.


Integrating with TRON

The funds raised from the SEEDGerminator campaign will go towards creating a new front-end website for the game which will be integrated in certain ways with the TRON blockchain and various TRON wallet software. This new website will also be rebranded as "Splinterlands" and over time the entire product will slowly transition to this new name.

ok this is nice :) i'd also like to see gamers who know nothing about the blockchain too

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Will have to go back and check it out again. Renting cards sounds like a great option, and I should have quite a few packs left.

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