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I know the feeling. Not opening 110 packs but wanting to open gold legendaries :)

No worries man. You ll get your first gold legendary next time.
Besides it wouldn't be fun if it was so easy to get them right?


True. just makes me want them more haha


Hehe it is made that way to keep buying like crazy. Considering that some cards are only 3 - 4 in the whole game...we probably need thousands of packs to get them. Or being lucky as hell. Btw 5 rares in a pack was freaking awesome

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Gold on 1:03 - can't believe just on second pack!!!
First card in 3rd pack is a gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is madness
2 Epics in the fourth hand......
Epic on fifteenth, twentieth....
Gold on 22nd...

Inflicting virtual pain...... digital items not as cool anymore

I think you and I, we know each other :-)

You did this:

You are not over-pshyced. Trust me gold drop rates are pretty low, even for commons

Gonna edit after I watch full video........

Straight flush of rares
Gold on 36th, 38th ….
You missed a gold on 46th but you got the one on 47th,72nd, 77th, 82nd, 83rd , 89th, 90th, 101st, 103rd, 106th
……… 110 packs and NO LEGENDARIES!!!
Mark my words man, this was by no means a normal bunch of cards. Check for stats.


I will get my first opened legendary next week!


Best of luck man! I do hope you buy another hundred though. This was one the most monster 'blessed' bunch I had ever seen. The next one might be too :-)

Wow, I've never gotten a gold and I've open maybe 50 packs!!


Ya I killed it this time. I am obsessed with getting a gold legendary now.

Damn it, now I want to buy more packs lol

Glad you got your gold cards right at the beginning and then another... I don’t quite understand this Steem monsters cards thing, but if you say “gold” it means money 😆. Even though I don’t understand it, I gladly stop by on Thursday for giveaway if that happens.


Ya I will be giving some packs away. I didnt quite understand it all at first either. @reseller breaks it down pretty good.

We gonna battle it out in the future for sure homie!


You betcha!


All our cards are in @amvanaken at this point in time. Stoked AF for the gameplay to launch!

Torn between SteemMonsters and Gods Unchained. Any thoughts? Why not both?


Never heard of Gods Unchained. I'll need to look that one up.


Beta in October with a free core set if you buy a pack prior!


ty for the info.

I have to admit I have no idea what this is...


Steem Monsters is like heartstone or magic the gathering cards. It is like nerd poker lol.

It kinda sucks not opening what you have been waiting for a long time.. hehe i feel you there..

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