Steem Monsters Trivia: One free Common Grumpy Dwarf for an answer to a simple question.steemCreated with Sketch.

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This card in the image above will be gifted to the first person who can give me an answer to the question I will be posting below. Please give a full description/explanation that can easily be understood by any person who has not tried out Steem Monsters.

While the card may not be very valuable, it is a fun way of encouraging participation and helping clear up a few things people may want to know about Steem Monsters.


How many Level One, 0 XP cards does it take to upgrade a Common Grumpy Dwarf monster to Level 10 with full XP?

I will gift the best answer the Dwarf from my collection and hopefully help people understand the leveling up process.

@Aggroed, if you come by this mention will you please help verify the validity of the answers that will be given. People in the comments can offer their insights as well.

Looking forward to your answers.

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It is a common card...
Alpha : 379 ea
Beat : 505 ea


Thanks for sharing. Do you mind providing a more comprehensive description?

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