Selling Steem Monsters Cards Instantly With @Monsuta.

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How many of you on Steem Monsters have wished to sell your cards and have them instantly bought off of the market place within a couple of minutes? Maybe you were desperately in need of liquid Steem or SBD but all of that was tied up in Steem Monsters.

@Monsuta is the answer you have been looking for. Since it is a new automated way of getting paid for your cards instantly you should expect a couple of bugs and developments in the process of coming up with a seamless product.

My personal experience with @Monsuta has been incredible. It is just what I have been looking for especially for the many times I have wanted to offload certain cards I never seem to use and quickly generate a bank that could help me upgrade my preferred monsters.

How do you use @Monsuta

The process of selling your cards is extremely easy that it practically only requires two steps.

1 - Gift the monster you want to sell to @Monsuta. (Make sure the lowest value is not greater than $0.85 in the market)

2 - Wait for two minutes to receive your payment in the wallet.

Instead of having to wait for someone to buy your cards from the market for several days, simply use this method to quickly create liquid funds and reinvest it back into Steem Monsters or into something else on the Steem blockchain.

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