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As you might have noticed, the crypto market is seeing red all over thanks to Bitcoin. On almost or I dare say all exchanges Bitcoin is used as the base currency for trading just like USD on the Forex market. When people sell their Bitcoin holdings the alt coin markets will always take the largest hit as we are seeing with Steem.

So, how can we protect the value of what we have invested in Steem? Steem Monsters is a fantastic way to do that. Steem Monsters is a DApp built on the Steem Blockchain that allows you to purchase and to sell monster cards in its own internal market.


What that means is that the value of your cards is determined by demand of the cards and not on Steem. So, despite the value of Steem fluctuating your cards still retain their value.

Let us look at an example of this...

In Steem Monsters you have daily quests that you can play and once you complete this quest you earn a free booster pack. In this pack you will always get a rare monster card and you also have the chance of getting a very valuable monster which can be a gold foil or an in-demand monster.

Take for example these two Gold Foil Monsters I was lucky enough to get out of a booster pack. The card is on the left and the market value on the right.



Both cards have a minimum value of 19.99 USD which is slightly above 20 SBD. Remember, I got this cards for free from finishing a quest.

The value of these cards is dictated by the internal Steem Monsters market demand on not on the value of Steem. By holding a couple of this cards you have the chance of trading them for a profit and eventually powering up on Steemit. At least that is my plan.

The future

Now, I know most people are probably having a hard time with the way the value of Steem has been going down and rightly so. We all made an investment of money and time all of which have value. However, if you believe in what the Steem Blockchain is all about and with the coming SMTs I can bet you are probably seeing the low prices as a chance to accumulate more Steem.

The same with Steem Monsters. We are a couple of weeks or months away from having Tournaments launch in the game where you have the chance of winning rewards. What should you be expecting.

  1. Alpha cards will have the ability to gain XP by winning games and you won't have to purchase cards to upgrade.

  2. Rewards. You will get rewards for winning probably in form of upvotes and also SBD or Steem.

  3. You will make money off of you card sales.

There are so many ways you could make money on Steem Monsters especially through this low value period. All you need to do is go to Steem Monsters, buy a starter pack for only $10 and get started.

If you found the information in this post helpful and would like to support me here is my referral link to Steem Monsters. If not use this non-affiliate link and get started.

Till next time, keep Steemin'.

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Steemmonsters is the only thing keeping my account value fairly constant. I’ve sold approx 30-40 sbd worth of cards. It’s an awesome game that has kept its value around 1.4mm even with the price drop.

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That is fantastic. I am currently holding on to some of my high value cards. I am not in a rush to sell at the moment except for those cards I get from quests that I don't really like in my collection.

Great post @deniskj

I do have a question for you.

How sure are you about:

"Alpha cards will have the ability to gain XP by winning games and you won't have to purchase cards to upgrade."

So only Alpha SM cards will have the ability to gain XP, but NOT beta???

Beta cards will be able to earn XP as well. This feature is in the works though because of the effect it can have on the value of cards according to @yabapmatt. Thank you for your comment @powermaster.


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