Seriously, someone take my Rusty Android!

in #steemmonsters4 years ago

Dear minions,

Listen, I've been trying to get rid of this useless Rusty Android for a week now... It's FREE! Someone take it!!

As the worlds most notorious supervillain, I've got a lot of monsters. I wake up to Spineback wolf drool on my pillows. I've got Skeleton Assassins in my closet. Twisted Jesters jump out of my cupboard....

... But honestly, what am I supposed to do with a Rusty Android?!

When I tell my Supervillain friends I've got a Rusty Android, they all snicker and laugh at me.

"Ooooo a rusted tin can, wow! Are you planning to give my Animated Corpse tetnis? "

"HAHA, look it's arm just feel off!"

"At least your monsters are recyclable... LOL!!"

So listen, I've got to get rid of this thing. You can have it for FREE. I can't be seen near it, it's too embarrassing. Just ask for the thing in the comments below and one of you will randomly get it at payout. I can't wait to be rid of it.

No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

... But if you do follow I bet you'll enjoy it. I am a super cool supervillain after all...

I just need to get rid of all my Rusty Androids. Look, I've got a reputation to maintain and a Rusty Android just isn't a terrifying monster. I mean, where's the razor sharp teeth, spikes, or venomous tentacles?!

I don't have time to deal with rust proofing. The bloody thing is falling apart and completely useless.

Leave your Steem monsters name and bonus points to anybody who plans to drop it off a cliff or push it into a bottomless pit.



Giveaway closes January 5th. One unlucky winner will get stuck with my Rusty Android then.

How rusty is rusty? Is this android still functional? Will you ship this android?

(i'm kidding)

Oh he's very rusty. Can no longer feel any of the diodes down his left side, I can hear him complaining constantly.

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You can send him to me. I’ll make good use of him. 😁. @coolbowser

Will you toss him into a tank of piranhas?!

Hey what happened to your previous giveaway?

Posted using Partiko Android

I have lots of these useless Androids to give away!

Did you give away the previous one?

Posted using Partiko Android

Not yet, I think you're a lock to win that one as the only entrant! I should start adding deadlines to my giveaways... Sometimes I forget not everyone has mind control gnomes to sort this stuff out telepathically.

I'll take him

You'll regret it!

@sooflauschig Guess what, you're the unlucky winner. Sorry for the delay, he rusted and fell apart and I had to duct tape him back together.

Wonderful news 😃 I'll give him a nice polish, that way the he'll be way too shiny for anyone to notice the duct tape 😜

Good thinking!

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