SteemMonster Daily Reward - 3 January 2019

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What I won by getting the SteemMonster daily reward

Well, before I battled for the daily reward, I managed to reach 1903 and Gold III. Last season, it was set so that whatever level you started at, that was the level you were rewarded. But, it seems as if that's not the case. I dropped 300 points during the 23 battles I had and was only rewarded with 5 cards. Life Splinter seems to be a weak splinter for me.

Total number of battles for reward : 23
Ranking : 1631
Highest Ranking: 1909
Total Battles: 872
Total Wins: 396
Win Percentage: 45.41%




While the rewards are nice, none of them were enough to get those cards to the next level. The Hobgoblin is only 1 card away to level 4, which would up the life level. The Highland Archer is about halfway to level 5, which would probably make it useless until I up my summoners.

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Need to get to gold so you get 10 reward cards a day!


I was at Gold, then I did the daily reward and dropped 300 points.