Deck Building on a Budget! (Steem Monsters) 13 cent deck! (20 Mana Cap)

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Hey everyone,
I'm planning on starting a series where I build decks for people who really don't want to spend too much and don't know where to start! I'm going to start off with a 1 dollar deck and slowly showcase more expensive decks! Cards that come with the starter pack I will count as free so let's get started with the summoner of the deck.
Malric Inferno

The fire type has lots of cheap and strong cards such as goblin shaman and kobold miner (which will play a big role in this deck!)

I chose Cerberus as the tank because of his incredible sustain with heal and high health values. It can take damage turn after turn with it's heal ability UNLESS the enemy team is a magic nuker which the only solution is the void ability.
Ability Unit:
Goblin Shaman

With it's weaken ability it just lowers opponents' attack allowing your cerberus to take less damage and survive longer.
Damage (Sneaky!):
Kobold Miner

A cheap unit that can deal damage to try and kill enemy back lines.
Elven Cutthroat

Another card with sneak so that you can DESTROY your opponent's back lines.
Back line protection and getting damage onto the middle opponent so that almost no positioning protects them from you troops.
Cost of the deck at the time of writing:
$0.08 - Cerberus
$0.05 - Goblin Shaman
Total - $0.13

Pros: Wipes anti-nuke decks.
Cons: Deck gets DEMOLISHED by anything that does more than 5 damage a turn. (Usually Alric magic nukers)

And that's my thirteen cent deck.

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