What!?! A Free Gold Steem Monster!?

That's right! Who wants a free GOLD card? Thanks to @clove71 gifting me this nomadic little corpse, I now have a card to give away to one lucky winner!

It's really easy to get it, all you have to do is make a post about Steem Monsters. Anything at all, your choice. Just make sure you use the #steemmonsters tag. Comment on this post with the link to your post and choose any number between 1 and 1000.

Please make sure not to pick the same number as someone else or you will have to choose a new one.

For an extra entry go vote for @yabapmatt as witness, take a screenshot to show that you have voted, pick a number between 1 and 1000. Comment with your screenshot and number.
If you have already voted for Matt as witness that's fine.

Once this post matures I will send this card to the winner.

Disclaimer: No. @yabapmatt did not ask or pay me to do this, I am doing it because he is a nice guy who has been there and helped us when we needed it, not forgetting to mention that he has contributed a very large amount of value to the STEEM platform in the fairly short time he has been here. I personally feel like he deserves to be a top 20 witness, so help me get him there!

Thank you and good luck!


Bonus! The first 5 people who resteem this post will get a rare steem monster.

You must comment and let me know that you have resteemed to get your card.


Thanks for this competition, @crystalhuman. I see that you only have 9 Gold Foil  cards in your collection at present (including some duplicates, which I presume you're about to level up with). This competition is very generous of you. Here is my post entry, including a funny animated (corpse) GIF image that I made for you. Oh, and I choose number 777 out of the 1000 for my first entry in your contest here.

Also, I have been voting for @yabapmatt since 1-Jul-2018, so I guess that gets me a second entry to your contest here, and for that one I choose number 888 out of the 1000 numbers.

Congratulations! You were the first person to complete BOTH entries! You win the SECRET BONUS Epic Card Giveaway!


Here's my post about Steem Monsters:

Here's my vote for @yabapmatt witness:

and my two numbers are 1 and 24.

Awesome :) Good luck!

I also very recently voted for @yabapmatt as a witness!

Here's the proof:

The 2nd number I choose is: 333

Thanks for this contest!

Wasn't sure if you meant the first 5 resteems, or the first 5 to comment about it. I think I managed both :)

Cool contest!

Thanks! Enjoy!

Oh, cool. I like the blue ones...great choice!

Glad you like it :) I love the blue colored ones too.

how do i resteem?

The little curved arrow that points to the right.

Found this just as I went to make my steemmonsters post... that counts right? :) Took me a while to write it!

Thanks for all the giveaways you do! I gave away a Gold Divine Healer earlier! Resteemed!

My number is: 432!

Thanks @bitfiend! You scored the last one :)


Sweet! Thank you kindly! Just more for my collection!

i choose 23, resteemed as well.

gotta link your post that you made

To pick a number you have to either make a post about Steem Monsters or Vote for yabapmatt as witness ;) But here's your rare card!


I pick # 137.
My latest post about steem monsters is an upfund me campaign to acquire a starter deck. You can check out my post here

I have also resteemed this. Thank you for the opportunity!

Here is my Post I hope you like my number is 420 https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@massdestroyer1/steemmonsters

Good choice! :P

Does it count if I made this post yesterday??


If so, I'd love number 212 please

@yabapmatt has had my witness vote for a while now too (number 172 for that please)


Hey @crystalhuman,

Here's my post: https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@onefatindian/one-fat-horseshoe-my-winnings-post-steem-monsters-edition

The number I choose is: 666


pssst.... I could really use a mermaid... :P

I have resteemed my number is 578 and this is the link to my post https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@bongrips/let-s-go-steemmonsters

Hi @crystalhuman upvoted and reesteemed, I can't vote for Yabapmatt because I've already done.

This is my article https://steemit.com/steemmonsters/@palasatenea/analysis-of-the-second-pvp-battle-steem-monsters-in-action

and the number I choose is the 7 ;). Thanks for all ^^.

You can pick another number too, voting is a second entry whether you've done it already or not ;)

Oh thanks, so I choose the 950.

Happy birthday, @crystalhuman. Nice contest you have here and it's something I'm definitely not gonna miss. So here it goes...

I just made a post about @steemmonsters and here is the link:
Mermaidvampire and Her Monsters

And @aggroed and yabapmatt are my first and last on my witness list since January, when I started steeming. Prolly because it's alphabetically arranged. LOL

Thanks for this chance. Have a nice day! Rock!

You forgot to pick two numbers! lol

I picked 22 on the wrong post here to do that also.
I did a resteem so can I also pick 222.

and if get another one for the vote then I will also take 3.

That's not actually how this one works but I gave you the entry for resteeming ;)

cool come on 2s

I resteemed your post, made a steemmonster post AND voted for @yabapmatt. Hope I can still get a rare, I'm just starting my collection.


My numbers are 58 and 320


Resteemed the "crack" post lol

I'm only new to Steem Monsters so I haven't yet made a post, but I have voted for yabapmatt.

I would like number 500 please.
Thank you ☺



Thanks for the giveaway my post is below.

Just Bought My First @SteemMonster Pack And Look What I Got --- WOW !
( Rare Steem-Monster Card Giveaway ! )


Congrats! @BigDoge16 told me on Discord :D You're very lucky!!

It certainly was lucky .... thanks !