The Steem-Engine market is now live!

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It's Aliiiiiiveeee!

HODL on to those Steem Monsters Poker Tokens!

The reason why is simple, the more you own, the more perks you get for having them. Kinda like staking, except I will be doing this all manually (for now) until I get a bot to do the hard work for me.

Please Note: This is just an EXAMPLE of what I will be looking to have set up by the end of March. Expect some changes as this may not be exactly how things end up.

Depending on the amount of support I get for the project, I hope to be able to accomplish numbers as high as the ones you see above. However, I will base my final decision on how many people I can get to resteem this post, and prove they signed up at

Once you have signed up, leave a comment with your referral link. It will have been e-mailed to you. (Check your spam folder)

If 50+ people sign up and resteem, I will use the cone graph above (or a slightly modified version with even more rewards) to designate the airdrops.

If 20+ people sign up and resteem, I will adjust the required balances slightly, or possibly the rewards, whichever seems to be most effective.


Those of you who may choose to get in during the early stage of this initiative will have the benefit of getting the most tokens for free! There is only a total of 10,000 SMPT in existence! That means if you want to be an honorable member of the HODL'ers Cartel, there's no better time than now to start collecting!

The HODL'ers Cartel:
A dedicated group of SMPT supporters
Perks of being in the cartel include, but are not limited to;

  • Free Access to VIP tournaments.
  • Weekly Bonuses
  • More! (I can't give all my secrets away, yet!)

What does all this mean?

Well, if you haven't already heard, for a few months now I have been hosting Texas Hold'em Tournaments over at

Lately, the amount of games I've hosted have slowed down a bit since I've been a little busy with other projects but I am looking to get Steem Monsters Poker back in full-swing A.S.A.P.

Click HERE to see the full list of SMPT HODL'ers and their balances.

  • In order to receive these airdrops you must complete your registration by joining The HODL'ers Cartel on Discord.
It's SUPER easy! Join, and comment your STEEM username. That's it!

Once you have done that, all you have to do is hold on to as much SMPT as you can!

The next Steem Monsters Poker Tournament will be announced later today, on Discord.

Come and join in on the fun! See you at the table!

Join the Official NLC2 Discord

Follow me!


Good Schtuff !!!!

How does this work for those of us who signed up under you long ago? I should get back to playing at some point. Can we buy SMPT with NLC2?

All you have to do is go to The HODL'ers Cartel and comment your STEEM username. :) There is currently not an option to buy SMPT with NLC2 but who knows, maybe some day! ;)

I like this idea. Is there an easy way to query all the holders of a token?

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You have to go trough all blocks from the steem-engine sidechain and build a database

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I'm sure someone will do that and make it queryable.

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Ask @holger80, he more than likely can help you.

I checked my token balance just out of curiousity to see 20 SMPT 😱 of course i am not gonna sell them since i am one of the greatest hodlers 😂🤣 also good luck on getting a bot for automation

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Haha! Right on! I will be doing my best to make sure anyone who sells them, regrets it. ahahha


😂😂 good

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Wow seems awesome. Still, haven't got time to learn and play poker. Life's too busy. But I hope, you will hit success with your project. Good Luck!

Glad to see some value on these tokens! Might buy a few next time I've got some Steem to spare :)

I need learn play poker

Yea you do! :D It's a lot of fun!

w00t! Welcome aboard! Thanks for your support @davidchen!

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Thanks! I was pretty excited to see my name in there :)

Gonna have to sit down and take a long hard look at this... Much potential to be harnessed, assuredly...

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Indeed! I will be doing the EXACT same thing! lol

Resteemed and signed up :) referral link:

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w00t w00t! Don't forget to join Discord :)

Welcome! And thank you!

Do I have to purchase the token from the market?

and heres my referral link:

Thanks! You can if you'd like to. :) I also give a few out for resteems and well made comments.

Understood. I see a lot of new tokens on steem engine so I am still on unfamiliar ground. This, however is interesting because I do like sm and poker alike

p.s., resteemed this for you. Hopefully it reaches 50+

Thanks! Sent ya a few tokens :) Hope to see ya in the next tourney. Will be announced on Discord as soon as details are available.

Nice! :) Sent ya some tokens yesterday after you resteemed :) Thanks!

do I just keep the tokens in the wallet to earn rewards one that has been implanted?

Nothing is 100% official yet but yes, the idea is that the more SMPT you have, the more rewards you will be eligible for.

so the only way for me to get more SMPT is to buy or play poker with you?

Not necessarily, I also give them away to people who make posts about Steem Monsters Poker, upvote/resteem/comment on my posts, and will likely be giving some away for other reasons. If you wanted a lot of them at once you would have to buy them from the open market though.

Hi @crystalhuman I registered at and made the resteem of the post. Then I replied to the verification mail with my Steem Monser referral. I did it right?
I love your project and I wish you the best!

lol close! just comment here with your nolimitcoinpoker referral :) But, I'm sure the guys over @nolimitcoinpoker could use some Steem Monster SPAM. :D :D

Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtfulness :)

No apologies needed! Welcome! :)

good job people will start to notice your effort

9 hours in, 20 resteems. Not too bad by my standards :)


This is going to be huge and be prepared to get destroyed friends!

Sounds like we have ourselves a poker pro here ;)

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