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Welcome to the Steem Monsters Poker Token: Community Engagement Orientation!

I'm making this post for a few reasons, the biggest one being that in order for Steem Monsters Poker to survive, we need more players! I feel like a lot of you still don't know what SMPT is, and I'd like to change that.

It's certainly not as simple as I thought it would be!

I've never been a quitter so I won't give up easily, I'm determined to find as many Texas Hold'em players as I possibly can and make Steem Monsters Poker, along with its native token SMPT, a massive success.

With your help, Steem Monsters Poker can be fun, profitable, and easy to play! You probably know at least one person who plays poker!

GET FREE SMPT! Tell your friends about Steem Monsters Poker and make your own posts with your own referral links, upvote & resteem my articles, and most importantly, PARTICIPATE in the tournaments with us!

How do I plan to create value for SMPT?

My main focus lately has been on how to get people to want to hold on to their SMPTokens for the long run, and send them back to me regularly, for things like poker tournament entry fees, raffles, and others.

To do this successfully, I will need as much support as I can find.

I want to be able to reward everyone well enough that they feel it's necessary to hold on to their SMPT.

I'll make it my personal mission to create more value for STEEM and my own SMPToken, as I come up with new ideas and ways of expanding their utility.

HODLER's Cartel Members Information

Aside from entering raffles, and playing poker:

One of the initial benefits of holding on to your SMPT is that you will be eligible to join The HODLER's Cartel and will very soon be enjoying several perks including, but not limited to; free entry into every Steem Monsters Poker VIP Tournament, Monthly Booster Packs + Card bonuses, early-access notifications, and more!

The HODLER's Cartel will consist of a very select few people who manage to get their tokens on time before there are none left to get.

A few of you lovely Steemians, namely @sharkmonsters (who owns 10% of the total supply) and some others, are a good bit ahead of the pack with the amount of SMPT they currently have in their wallets.

Here's a list of the top 15 SMPT HODLER's (minus my wife and myself)

@sharkmonsters 1001 SMPT Officially a bucket load of tokens

@gravytrain 526 SMPT not too bad indeed

@nolimitcoinpoker 486 SMPT almost there!

@yabapmatt 142 SMPT

@alex-hm 126 SMPT
@aggroed 96 SMPT

@thehive 90 SMPT
@theycallmedan 70 SMPT
@carrieallen 66 SMPT
@jonsnow1983 55 SMPT
@nateaguila 50 SMPT
@designpod 50 SMPT
@the01crow 50 SMPT
@poyim 40 SMPT
@c4lexz 35 SMPT

View the full list of SMPToken HODLER's on

So far, only 1 person (@sharkmonsters) has enough SMPT to be called a Legendary HODLER.

Now that I have finalized the reward tiers, have a look at the chart below to see how much SMPT you will need to receive your airdrops!


Beta Packs will be rewarded until they are Sold Out on, at which point I will have a new reward system for HODLERs.

  • in order to be eligible for rewards you must keep at least the required amount of SMPT in your wallet throughout the entire duration of each rewarded month.

How do you get SMPT?

It's easy! I give them away all the time! All you have to do is resteem my posts and I will send you between 1-5 SMPT every time!

Alternatively, you can purchase more SMPT on

Just log in with your STEEM credentials or Keychain, deposit some STEEM, and head over to the SMPT Market!

Put in your order just like any other exchange, and you're good to go!

Once you have your SMPT, that's it! You don't have to do anything but HODL and I'll take care of the rest! Every 1st day of the month, you will receive your rewards, as long as you have been holding the required amount.

The very first reward period will start on April 1st, 2019 and go until May 1st, 2019.
Everyone who is holding the required SMPT during that time will receive their airdrops!

It's that simple!

Now, for tomorrow's tournament!

No Limit Monsters! Win NLC2 and SMPT!

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I resteemed to support your great cause!

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Your Token is amazing.

We need to share it to all steemmonsters fans !!!

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate the compliment :) Hoping to get'er done!

Good work I like this more of a reason to build up a stock pile.

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That's the idea :D Hopefully more people will join in and start playing some poker too.

Ok, resteemed.

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😎 Im sorry that im not actually A poker player but I do play black jack on occasion and I did join up and save a bit of SMPT but used them to buy raffle tickets for your awesome draw! When I signed up I did not realize that my son ( who actually is a poker player,) would not be able to also sign up because we use the same IP address or something like that. Is there a way I can sign out so that he can join and play poker!?
😎 Thanks @crystalhuman and best of luck to you!!, upped and resteemed to spread the word!

The only thing I can recommend is that you join their Discord and ask if they can help you out. I'm sure someone will work with you, they're all pretty cool people.

Ok thanks! If i find the time to go through it all I will do that for sure. you would probably get more people to join like family members if more then one person per household could play. Good luck !😎👍👍👍

Yeah, unfortunately, they do that to prevent people from scamming a bunch of free NLC2 with new accounts.

Understandable, thanks!🙋👍

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Hey, @crysralhuman resteemed. Thanks a lot for arranging the wonderful tourney.

I won a little no limit coin in the freeroll today.

I look forward to playing in your games.

Nice job! It's not always easy, some of those guys are really good players.

Oh nice idea .. now IAM going to resteem daily you posts ..
And resteemed as well ..

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What level common cards you going to give us .???

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Only level 1 cards will be given out, however, there will be times when I give out a gold card or two for the fun of it.

Ok , great initiative ...

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Thanks! I appreciate the resteem!

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